Vegas Gambler Goes Viral For Smoking Cigarette While Wearing Medical Mask

As casinos and hotels in Las Vegas begin to reopen, they have created a new set of guidelines in order to keep customers safe. One of these guidelines is requiring everyone wear a mask inside the casino. While some thought this might end smoking inside casinos, one gambler has gone viral for...
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When Movie And Television Filming Returns, Hollywood Plans To Use CGI Sex Scene To Avoid Contact

Just like many other businesses, the film and television industry has been on halt since March. Now, as the industry is set to reopen production on June 12th, new guidelines are being put into place in order to keep the cast and crew safe. Apparently this will include some movies and television...
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The Latest Therapy Trend, Daoliao, Has People Getting Massaged With Meat Cleavers

Most massage techniques incorporate some form of chopping. However, that’s usually done with hands and not sharp objects. Still, despite sounding more like a torture technique, the latest trend in massage therapy has people getting chopped with meat cleavers.
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James Bond Rumored To Have 5-Year-Old Daughter In ‘No Time To Die’

As iconic as the character James Bond has become, the women that entice him in each film has become a role many aspire for. However, in the upcoming ‘No Time To Die’ the role of Bond Girl will be turned into Bond’s girl. The upcoming Bond film will reportedly feature an actress playing James Bond’s...
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‘Tiger King’ Songwriter Debuts New Song ‘Killer Carole’

Vince Johnson isn’t a name known but many, but one of his songs became known to the world earlier this year. The man behind the song ‘I Saw a Tiger,’ the viral hit Joe Exotic sings in ‘Tiger King’ is back with yet another song about the series. Johnson released his latest song, ‘Killer Carole’ this...
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Woman Attacks Ex Boyfriend and Pooped on His Doorstep After He Poured Wine Into Wrong Type of Glass

Relationships can be tough, but when things escalate to the point of legal issues, it’s probably best each go their separate ways. That seems to be the case for one couple, after a woman defecated on her ex boyfriend’s doorstep during a fight. According to reports, the fight started after the man...
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Cate Blanchett Admits To Injuring Herself With A Chainsaw

Sometimes it’s odd to hear about celebrities doing everyday things themselves, but they are people and chores need to get done. Still, just about all Cate Blanchett fans were shocked to hear the actress recently sustained an injury caused by a chainsaw. According to the actress she had a “chainsaw...
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Man Got So Excited About McDonalds Reopening He Was Pulled Over Driving 130 MPH To Get There

With some restaurants still closed, plenty of people have that one restaurant they can’t wait to visit once quarantine is over. For one man in England, that restaurant was McDonalds, and when one near him reopened he quickly hit the road to get there. Only problem was he was so excited, he got...
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Plastic Surgeon Offers Quarantined Customers Drive-Thru Botox

While many industries have been hurt by the coronavirus, a number of businesses have found creative ways to stay afloat during quarantine. For one plastic surgeon in Florida, that meant offering drive-thru Botox to customers. The surgeon known as “Dr. Miami” has been offering injections from his...
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Cops Called As Man Sunbathing Naked In England Was Mistaken For A Dead Body

As summer begins, people are looking for any way to get out of the house and get some sun. With many beaches remaining closed, people are looking for new areas to sunbathe. However, this could lead to some uncomfortable situations, as a man in England had the cops called on him recently, after...
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