People Are Now Turning Cattle Troughs Into Backyard Swimming Pools

With many public pools remaining closed as summer begins, people without a pool at home have begun looking for alternative ways to create summer fun. With the time it takes to build an in-ground pool, and the high cost of having one built, many families have turned to above-ground pools to keep...
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New Study Finds People Are Looking At Screens 19 Hours A Day During Quarantine

It seems just about every aspect of life now has a screen incorporated in some form. Whether it’s a television, a gadget or even the phones that people remain attached to throughout the day, screens are difficult to avoid while performing everyday tasks.
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Butcher Created A Meat Vending Machine And Apparently It’s a Hit

While people around the world continue to keep person-to-person contact at a minimum, necessities such as groceries lead to an unavoidable risk. That’s why one butcher in New York came up with a way to sell meat to customers without them having to enter the store.
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Couple’s Cat Returned After Jumping Into A Moving Van And Traveling Over 700 Miles Across Australia

House cats have a tendency to stay away from the action. However for one cat owner in Australia, she quickly learned her cat was in desperate need of an adventure. The woman’s cat has gone viral after sneaking into a neighbor’s moving van, and going on a trip across the Australian outback.
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KFC Has Removed Potato Wedges From Their Menu And Fans Are Not Happy

When a fast food restaurant takes a fan favorite off the menu, they can usually expect some blow back, especially on the internet. However, when an item is removed without warning or explanation, fast food chains should expect much worse. KFC has reportedly removed potato wedges form their menu,...
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Domino’s Reveal How To Reheat Pizza Without It Getting Soggy

Pizza is beloved by just about everyone, but when it comes to reheating a slice the next day, there are a number of differing opinions on the correct method to use. Some people prefer using an oven, while others look for speed by choosing the microwave, despite the soggy slice it produces.
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Dad Goes Viral After Sharing Hilarious Review Of His 18-Month Old Daughter’s “Restaurant”

Parents are often treating their children’s minor acts as the world’s greatest accomplishments. While this makes sense as a way to boost the morale and confidence of a young toddler, one father wanted to make sure his daughter didn’t expect anything to come easy for her in the future.
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‘Star Wars’ Stormtroopers Used To Promote Social Distancing As Disney World Reopens

As businesses begin to reopen, many are looking for ways to keep their customers at a safe distance from each other. Disney World has come up with an interesting tactic to promote social distancing. The amusement park is using Stormtroopers from ‘Star Wars’ to remind attendees to remain at a safe...
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Director Says ‘John Wick 4’ Could Use Deleted Scenes From ‘John Wick 3’

Fans of the ‘John Wick’ film series will have to wait until 2022 until they get the latest installment of the franchise, but that is giving director Chad Stahelski plenty of time to make sure the best action is seen on the big screen. According to Stahelski, ‘John Wick 4’ may even use deleted...
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Russian Zoo Sees Animal Baby Boom Over Last Two Months Thanks To Lockdown

While lockdown has been rough on many, apparently the time away from humans has been great for the animals at a Russian Zoo. According to reports, the Zoo has seen a baby boom among their animals since shutting their doors two months ago. While some animals seemingly miss the attention, others are...
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