Gospel Singer Carmen Carter Steals The Spotlight From Maroon 5 During Super Bowl Halftime Show

This year’s Super Bowl halftime show was criticized by many for a number of reasons. Whether it was the choice of band, or the lack of SpongeBob in the show, people found a reason to dislike the performance Sunday night.
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Universal Studios In Orlando Now Has A Glitter Farting Troll And The Internet Loves It

Universal Studios in Orlando just rolled out a new attraction that is an absolute game changer. No, it’s not a new ride, or movie themed area, but instead a character that should have Disney and other theme parks running for the hills.
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Bud Light Angers Corn Farmers With Their Super Bowl Commercial

Every year some of the country’s biggest companies dish out tons of money in order to get a commercial played during the Super Bowl, and every year, regardless of the money, time, and thought that the companies put into these commercials, the majority of them get shredded by the public.
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Don McLean Says “American Pie” Wasn’t Written About Buddy Holly’s Death

Sixty years ago today was the day the music died. On the anniversary of the death of rock icon Buddy Holly, many will reminisce by listening to the song about his death, Don McLean’s “American Pie.”
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KFC and Cheetos Team Up To Create New Cheetos Fried Chicken Sandwich

The fast food wars are heating up in 2019. As McDonald’s and Wendy’s introduce new items, hoping to bring in more customers, another fast food giant might have just out done them all.
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Former KISS Guitarist, Ace Frehley, Goes After Gene Simmons In Disparaging Facebook Post

It looks like there won’t be a reunion of the original KISS lineup any time soon. As the band gets ready for their upcoming ‘End of the Road’ tour, a battle between Gene Simmons and former guitarist Ace Frehley has broken out.
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Geoffrey Owens Gets The Last Laugh After Attending SAG Awards Following Job-Shaming Controversy

It has been a tumultuous last few months for actor Geoffrey Owens. The former ‘The Cosby Show’ actor was photographed working at a Trader Joe’s in New Jersey, as a way to make ends meet last fall.
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A Message In A Bottle Has Been Returned To The Woman That Threw It In The Ocean Over 17 Years Ago

Childhood memories often fade as time seems to fly by. It is easy to forget minuscule moments from one’s youth, but when they get brought back up; the feeling of nostalgia can be overwhelming.
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Anne Hathaway Surprises Fans With Special ‘Princess Diaries 3’ Announcement While On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Anne Hathaway made an announcement this week that might have been a little too much for fans to handle. While on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen on Thursday, the actress was asked about one of her popular movie franchises, ‘The Princess Diaries.’
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[Photos] Freezing Temperatures Turns Niagara Falls Into A Winter Wonderland

The Northeast was hit with frozen temperatures and heavy snowfall over the weekend. While this most likely ruined the plans of many residents and visitors of the area, those who were brave enough to venture out into the frigid environment to go visit Niagara Falls were in for a special treat when...
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