Restaurant Goes Viral After Receiving “Kidnapper-Style” Letter For Return Of Item Removed From Menu

For food lovers, there is nothing worse than having their favorite item at a restaurant be removed from the menu. While most just move on and find another choice to select, one person recently decided to take their plea straight to the restaurant owner, albeit in a very unorthodox way.
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Survey Reveals Americans Throw Away Almost $12,000 Of Toilet Paper In Their Lifetime

Back in March, a toilet paper shortage sent a panic across the country, as people looked to stock up on the bathroom necessity. Luckily, toilet paper is now back on shelves and everyone can go back to using as much as needed. Apparently that’s quite a bit, as a new survey revealed Americans will...
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Taxidermist Invents “High-Five Machine” Made From Rat Legs For Those That Miss Human Contact

For people who enjoy human contact, social distancing the last few months has proven to be very difficult. While most are trying to remember to stay at least six feet away from others, these people are doing whatever they can not to physically embrace the people in their lives.
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Recent Poll Names The Alamo As The Most Overrated Attraction In Texas

There are many attractions throughout Texas that bring visitors to the Lone Star state, but according to a recent poll, one of the most well-known may also be the most overrated. According to the poll, The Alamo was voted the most overrated attraction in the state. The now viral map shows the...
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‘Better Call Saul’ Creator Claims Final Season Will Change How Fans See ‘Breaking Bad’

The final season of ‘Better Call Saul’ may currently be delayed due to the coronavirus, but according to their show’s creator, when it returns fans can expect to have their minds blown. The ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off series is ending its run after six seasons, and while fans have hoped to see more tie...
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A New Study Claims To Have Found The Cure For Hangovers

There are a number of products, often sold at gas stations, that claim to prevent hangovers, but for most there is no way of preventing those next day ailments after a night of heavy drinking. However, a new study claims they may have discovered the hangover cure.
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Orlando Bloom Reveals Details About Upcoming ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Series

Fans of ‘Lord of the Rings’ have been anxiously awaiting the upcoming television adaptation of the beloved franchise. While not much is known about the highly anticipated Amazon series, one of the original film’s stars has revealed a few details about the upcoming project.
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Netflix Testing “Shuffle Play” Mode That Makes Selection For The Viewer

With a seemingly endless supply of streaming services available today, it’s harder than ever to complain about not finding anything to watch. Still, making a choice while scrolling through the selection menu is a struggle for many, regardless of which platform they’re using. Now, Netflix is trying...
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Sacha Baron Cohen Spotted In Borat Costume Filming For Unknown Project

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen is notoriously secretive about his projects, as he has become known for creating characters that are thrust on to people in the real world. While it is unknown what the provocateur is currently working on, it appears he could be bringing back one of his most well-known...
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‘Tiger King’ Star Announces Zoo Formerly Owned By Joe Exotic Is Permanently Closed

It has been months since the Netflix docuseries ‘Tiger King’ became a cultural phenomenon, yet fans are still intrigued by all the characters caught up in the world of big cat rescue. While some still want to know more about Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and the rest of the crew involved in the series...
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