Dominos Is Trying To Combine Pizza And Bubble Tea, And Apparently It’s Not Awful

Taking two things people love and combining them sounds like a great idea, but doesn’t always work out as intended, especially with food. Some flavors just aren’t meant to be combined, but that won’t stop people from trying.
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Dog Gets Sworn In At State’s Attorney’s Office In Chicago

While a dog lawyer sounds like a terrible, cheesy idea for a television show, it is actually something that is happening in real life. A dog has gone viral after a photo shows the black Labrador retriever being sworn in at The Cook County State's Attorney's office in Chicago.
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Suspected Firearm Spotted By TSA Agents Ends Up Being Gun-Shaped Toilet Paper Holder

Vacations are great for buying novelty items, but if that purchase happens to be in the shape of a gun, it’s probably not best to try and sneak it passed airport security. TSA agents at Newark Liberty Airport flagged a bag when they thought the spotted a gun.
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Chick-Fil-A Apologized For National Sandwich Day Email, Forgetting It Falls On A Sunday

Chick-fil-A took another hit in the chicken sandwich wars this week. Not only was it announced that Popeyes’ viral chicken sandwich will be returning this week, but the fast food chain made a big mistake while trying to celebrate National Sandwich Day.
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Vince Neil And Tommy Lee Are Fighting Over Who Needs Rehab More

With all these classic bands heading back on the road for a comeback tour, many fans may be wondering; where’s Mötley Crüe? The band, which has seen a bit of a revival in 2019 thanks to the Netflix biopic, ‘The Dirt,’ apparently has a $150 million offer from Live Nation to go back on tour.
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Kevin Hart Dresses As BFF Dwayne Johnson In His Iconic 90’s Outfit For Halloween

The friendship between Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson is enough to make just about anyone jealous. The best friends are often going back and forth, poking fun at each other, but always out of love.
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Weird Al Yankovic Had The Perfect Response To Paul Rudd Dressing As Him For Halloween

Paul Rudd caught some heat this week after a photo of him trick or treating with his daughter went viral. In the photo Rudd is dressed as Weird Al Yankovic, while his daughter is dressed as The Wasp, from ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp.’
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Travelers Shocked To See Man Wearing Full Suit Of Armor At Airport

Most people want to dress as comfortable as possible when traveling by plane. While it use to be going on a plane was like a well-dressed event, now travelers want to be as relaxed as possible. One man however didn’t quite get the memo, after he was spotted sitting in a terminal at an Atlanta...
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Will Arnett Set To Host New LEGO Competition Series ‘Lego Masters’

LEGO’s have been a popular toy since 1949, but thanks to a string of successful movies, the construction toys are more relevant now than ever. Thanks to their recent success, LEGO is now moving into a new venture, and is bringing along one of the stars of their movie franchise for the ride.
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Dad From ‘Friday,’ John Witherspoon, Dead At 77

Hollywood is suffering from a big lose today, as beloved actor, John Witherspoon has passed away. Witherspoon, who died Tuesday at the age of 77, is remembered for his hilarious role as the father in the ‘Friday’ series, along with voicing the grandfather for ‘The Boondocks’ among many other iconic...
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