Cast Of ‘Back To The Future’ To Reunite On Josh Gad’s Web Series

Over the last few years, nostalgia has taken over Hollywood, with numerous remakes and reboots coming in all forms of media. With many productions currently on hiatus, it seems many are leaning on nostalgia for content more than ever before.
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Audible Toilet Flush Heard During Supreme Court Case Live Call

Many industries are currently working remotely, with business being conducted over the internet. Thanks to video conferencing apps such as Zoom, business has been able to continue for many employees, but the technology has led to a few embarrassing moments for many workers.
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Macaulay Culkin Joined ‘American Horror Story’ Cast After Learning About Kathy Bates Sex Scene

After years out of the spotlight, Macaulay Culkin is set to appear in his first major role in years. While the actor has made cameo appearances in the past, the upcoming season of ‘American Horror Story’ will be Culkin’s first major television role.
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Karen Gillan May Star In ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Reboot As Disney Looks For New Female Lead

Major changes could be coming to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. With Disney moving forward with the latest installment of the franchise, it appears they could go the reboot route, bringing in a new star to lead the film. According to reports, Disney is considering building the new story...
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Brian Eno Has Been Exchanging Ideas With The 1975 After Meeting Matty Healy And George Daniel

Brian Eno has influenced many musicians over the years, but it seems band in particular has caught the attention of the music icon. Recently, members of The 1975 got the chance to meet Eno, and it led to a budding relationship, according to the band’s manager. It has even led to Eno exchanging...
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Marilyn Manson Says He Wants To Cover ‘Over The Rainbow’ With Brandi Carlisle

There have been many unlikely musical pairings that have created greatness over the years. Sometimes it takes a clash of two styles to bring out the best in something. At least that’s what Marilyn Manson was hoping for when he recently told Brandi Carlisle he wants to do a duet of ‘Over The Rainbow...
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Video Contest Giving ‘Bill & Ted’ Fans A Chance To Appear In Upcoming Film

‘Bill & Ted’ fans have been patiently waiting for the franchise’s return in August, but now screenwriter Ed Solomon is giving fans a chance to be in the movie themselves. It was announced recently that fans could win a chance at appearing in ‘Bill & Ted Face The Music’ by submitting a video...
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The Viral “Murder Hornet” Is Apparently A Beloved Snack In Japan

While many were startled at the news that something known as a “Murder Hornet” had made its way to the United States, apparently it may lead to a new delicacy featured on food menus. The Asian giant hornet currently has zoologists and pest-control experts working to eradicate the infestation before...
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The Latest Viral Challenge Has People Wrapping Themselves In Blankets As Clothing

With many people stuck at home, some have been struggling not getting dressed to be seen in public each morning. While some are embracing the home comfort style, others are looking for ways to improve on their at home look. This has led to the latest viral challenge, which has people turning their...
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Los Angeles Based Design Studio Develops Spacesuit For Post Quarantine Concert Goers

With concerts currently on hiatus due to the coronavirus, many fans are wondering when they can get back to seeing their favorites musicians live. While some just want to get back to going to events, some are wondering what the future of concerts may look like once quarantine is over.
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