Dog Gets Revenge After Owner Is Injured By Cat Falling From The Sky

Embarrassing moments are bad enough when only a few people see them, but with almost everyone having access to a camera and the internet, those embarrassing moments are only one click away from lasting a lifetime. While those moments may haunt the people involved, sometimes it’s worth the sacrifice...
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Prison Time Requested For Lori Loughlin And Her Husband As Part Of College Admission Scandal

It has been over a year since actress Lori Loughlin was named as part of the college admissions scandal, and now she is one step closer to finding out if she will have to do jail time or not. According to reports, federal prosecutors have requested two months in prison for Loughlin, and five months...
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People Are Putting Up “Halloween Trees” In Their Homes As Part Of Halloween Decoration

Everyone has a favorite holiday, but for most people their top choice is a toss-up between Halloween and Christmas. Where one is full of costumes and debauchery, the other is wholesome and includes gifts. The one thing the two holidays have in common is the festivities take over homes, including...
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Season 2 Of ‘Tiger King’ Is In The Works, But Carole Baskin Is Hoping For A Large Payday

Ever since ‘Tiger King’ premiered on Netflix in March, fans of the hit docuseries have been asking for follow ups on all the characters involved. Luckily, a second season is currently in the works, but one of the show’s biggest stars is holding out in hopes for a big payday. Carole Baskin is...
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Man Uses 70 Years Of Data To Find The Male Version Of ‘Karen’

For people named Karen, 2020 has been pretty rough, as there name has seemingly become synonymous with negativity. While naming a particular group of angry adult women Karen may not have started this year, it has become more prominent with all that is currently going on around the world.
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Pumpkin Spice Hard Seltzer Is On The Way This Fall

It seems out of nowhere hard seltzer became the official warm weather drink in 2019. However, with many summer activities postponed this year, one hard seltzer brand has decided to dip into the fall season for flavor inspiration. Vive has announced a new pumpkin spice hard seltzer flavor, and fans...
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‘Jackass’ Star Steve-O Duct Taped Himself To Billboard To Promote New Special

It has been a few years since fans of ‘Jackass’ got to see a member of the crew pull off a wild stunt. Luckily, Steve-O isn’t quite ready to retire just yet, as the comedian and stuntman recently went viral for a stunt promoting his new stand up special. Steve-O was spotted duct taped to a...
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AMC Theaters Announce Reopening Plans Including Reduced Ticket Prices

For most people, It has been months since they’ve seen a movie in theaters, as the majority have remained closed due to the coronavirus. Now, one of the biggest theater chains has announced plans to reopen this month. AMC Theaters plans to reopen a number of locations by August 20th, and announced...
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TikTok User Goes Viral After Revealing Fruit Filled Smoothie From Chick-Fil-A Secret Menu

There are a number of restaurants that have secret menus full of items that they knowingly make and sell, but don’t list on the actual menu. However, thanks to the internet it now seems like every restaurant has unknown menu items, even if the majority of them are just fan made concoctions forced...
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David Blaine To Make A Comeback Traveling From New Jersey To New York In The Air Holding Balloons

David Blaine is known by many worldwide not only for his skills as a magician, but his death defying stunts he’s performed over the years. The world-renowned magician and endurance artist has remained out of the spotlight over the last few years, but is now ready to make a comeback over a decade in...
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