Video From The World’s First Socially Distanced Concert Goes Viral

With a number of concerts and events canceled or postponed since March, venues have been scrambling to figure out a way to safely put on shows in the future. Now, the first socially distanced concert has taken place in the UK, and it seems many online are on board with this type of design.
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‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Reboot Based On Dark Viral Video In The Works

There are many shows from the past that fans have been begging to see a reboot of. While many networks have already attempted to bring back classic shows form the past, fans seemingly want more, as now yet another classic show is getting a reboot.
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Video Goes Viral Showing The Extremely Easy Hack To Get Stains Out Of Tupperware

Viral hacks that make household chores simple and easy are possibly one of the internet’s greatest achievements. It seems a new trick to simplifying tasks is always right around the corner and the latest one has people wondering how they are just now discovering this move.
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Woman Criticized For Taking Sexy Photos In Front Of Beirut Explosion Site

When disaster strikes, social media can be a great source, not only for news, but to help bring people together. However, there are also downsides to social media, as people look to benefit and gain a following regardless of the situation.
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The Family Of Carole Baskin’s First Husband Offering Reward For Information About His Death

It has been months since the Netflix documentary ‘Tiger King’ was released, and while the series isn’t nearly as discussed as it was when it first premiered, it appears one aspect of the series is still on people’s minds. Carole Baskin, and the whereabouts of her first husband Don Lewis, still...
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103-Year-Old Grandmother Goes Viral After Getting Her First Tattoo

For many people, getting a tattoo is something they always thought about, but never actually did. However, one woman in Michigan recently decided to finally cross getting some ink off her bucket list. The 103-year-old grandmother has gone viral after photos of her getting a tattoo were shared on...
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Tom DeLonge Claims He Will Reveal New UFO Information At Upcoming Comic Con Event

When Tom DeLonge first announced he would begin focusing more on his search for UFOs, many fans were shocked and laughed off the seemingly outlandish career choice. However, over the last few years the former Blink-182 member has seemingly become a legitimate voice in the existence of alien...
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Jared Leto Confirms Long Rumored Role Of Andy Warhol In Upcoming Biopic

Andy Warhol clearly had a large impact on American culture, as any form of entertainment looking back on his era makes mention of the eccentric artist. Now, it appears a biopic about Warhol is in the works and an actor who has long been rumored to be playing Warhol has confirmed his role.
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People Are Brushing Their Teeth More After Noticing How Bad Their Breath Is While Wearing A Mask

No one wants to be around someone with bad breath, but most of the time the people don’t even realize how bad their breath is. However, with people wearing masks out in public due to the coronavirus, many are now realizing just how bad their breath actually is.
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“Wine Windows” Used In Europe During The Black Plague Now Have A Purpose Again

Regardless of era, it seems people have always turned to alcohol in times of stress. Now, an alcohol serving method in Europe that hasn’t been used since the middle ages is making a comeback due to the coronavirus. “Wine windows,” used to serve drinks at a safe distance are being used by bars for...
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