Popeyes Announces The Return Of Their Popular Chicken Sandwich

Just when you thought it was over, the chicken sandwich wards are about to be renewed with yet another battle for superior fried chicken. After selling out of their first nationwide chicken sandwich two months ago, Popeyes has finally announced when their famous sandwich will return.
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Adorable Cats, Dressed As Dolly Parton And Willie Nelson, Win Halloween Costume Contest

Dressing pets up in costume is one of the best parts of Halloween. There aren’t too many things more adorable than seeing a dog or cat uncomfortably dressed in costume.
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Universal Studios Announces Mysterious New Theme Park To Open In 2023

Universal Studios has seen all the love given to Disney’s new ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,’ and have decided to raise the stakes with a mysterious new theme park of their own. During a Comcast earnings call, the company announced they plan to open their new park in 2023.
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Woman Gets Caught Faking Pregnancy To Avoid Paying Airline’s Baggage Fee

When it comes to air travel, no one wants to pay baggage fees on top of an already expensive plane ticket. Some people go to extremes trying to avoid these fees, either by under packing, or trying to get everything they can into a carry on.
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[Video] Paul Rudd Can Split An Apple In Half With His Bare Hands

Plenty of people have hidden talents they don’t get to show off on an everyday basis. Whether it’s a valuable gift, or just a cool party trick, no one’s hidden talent is as impressive as Paul Rudd’s. A video of the actor has gone viral where he is shown splitting an apple in half using only his...
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Kylie Jenner Went Dressed At Madonna From The 2003 VMAs For Halloween Party

Halloween may be on Thursday, but for most adults, the festivities began this weekend. Already plenty of celebrity costumes have been shared on social media, and while there are plenty of impressive get-ups, Kylie Jenner may have already taken home the prize for best costume.
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Largest White Castle Ever Runs Out Of Burgers After Customers Go Crazy During Grand Opening

White Castle is a beloved guilty pleasure fast food restaurant, but sadly it does not have locations across the entire country. That’s why, when the first ever White Castle was set to open in Arizona, employees expected a large crowd, but not nearly the amount of people that actually showed up.
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Johnny Cash Was Made A Deputy By The Nashville Sheriff In 1979

Apparently Elvis wasn’t the only iconic rock star that had dreams of being on the police force. Though known as a rebel, Johnny Cash was once granted law enforcement authority four decades ago.
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Group Of Friends Go Viral For Their Movie Themed Halloween Costume Tradition

Organizing a group Halloween costume can be very difficult, but when done right it’s a guaranteed hit at any Halloween party. For a group of friends in Nebraska, it’s a tradition they take very seriously.
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Whoopi Goldberg To Reprise Her ‘Sister Act’ Role For London Musical

Whoopi Goldberg will be searching her closet for her habit and veil, as the actress is set to reprise her role of Deloris Van Cartier from ‘Sister Act.’ Goldberg will be heading to London for the stage musical version of the 1992 film.
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