Team Behind ‘Orange Is The New Black’ To Make ‘Social Distancing’ Anthology Series For Netflix

It is pretty hard these days to avoid anything involving the coronavirus, and the current situation the world is in. Now, it appears television is starting to be influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic as well. It was announced this week that Netflix has picked up ‘Social Distancing,’ a new anthology...
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Mark Hoppus Shares Bracket Naming The Best Blink-182 Song Of All Time

For all that the internet is capable of doing; mostly it’s used by people arguing one thing over another. Whether its music, movies, politics, or any other topic that can be argued, a passionate debate can be found online about it.
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HBO To Develop New ‘Hellraiser’ Series With Director David Gordon Green On Board

When it comes to the horror movie genre, one of the most feared villains of all time is Pinhead; the pincushion-domed leader of the Cenobites from the ‘Hellraiser’ franchise. Now, for the first time, Pinhead will be making the move to television.
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Steven Spielberg Joined ‘Goonies’ Zoom Chat Reunion And Discussed Possible Sequel

Watching television interviews take place over Zoom may be starting to get a bit old for some, but fans of ‘The Goonies’ got the video conferencing interview they’ve been waiting for this week. Actor Josh Gad held a reunion with some of the cast and crew of the classic movie on his new YouTube...
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Daft Punk To Collaborate With Iconic Horror Director, Dario Argento, On Upcoming Movie Soundtrack

Daft Punk has been on a bit of a hiatus over the last few years, not putting out any new music since working on The Weeknds’ 2016 LP, ‘Starboy.’ However, it appears the producer duo is getting back to work, creating the soundtrack for legendary Italian director Dario Argento’s upcoming film.
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Court Rules Man Doesn’t Have To Pay 500K After Losing Rock, Paper, Scissors Bet

Plenty of people have made a dumb bet with a friend at one time, but usually the stakes are kept relatively low. However, one man was so confident about his rock, paper, scissors skills; he bet his friend $500K in a best of three match. Luckily for the man, courts have ruled he doesn’t have to pay...
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Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph Discusses The Inspiration Behind Their New Single, ‘Level Of Concern’

Twenty One Pilot fans were stunned earlier this month when the duo released their latest song, ‘Level of Concern.’ The song, released on April 9th, was the band’s first new single since 2018, and came while many fans were stuck at home due to the coronavirus.
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Fall Out Boy Releases New 10 Episode Cartoon Series ‘Mondo Trasho 3042’

Plans for their ‘Hella Mega Tour’ may currently be on hold, but Fall Out Boy has decided to surprise fans and release a new project they’ve been working on. Fans were definitely shocked though when the project turned out not to be new music, but instead a ten episode cartoon series.
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Netflix Releases Trailer For Upcoming Jerry Seinfeld Comedy Special

Jerry Seinfeld is back doing what he does best; making people laugh from the comfort of their own home. It has been 22 years since the iconic stand up has released an original stand up special, though he has been consistently performing stand up on the road for years. Now, Netflix has released the...
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‘Back To The Future’ Screenwriter Bob Gale Ends Decades Old Fan Debate

As one of the most beloved movies of all time, ‘Back To The Future’ is still being discussed even to this day. While many often discuss the movie while ranking their all-time favorites, sometimes the conversation turns to the one major plot hole in the film. Luckily, screenwriter Bob Gale has...
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