Parrot To Give Evidence In Murder Trial After It “Heard Victim’s Last Words”

Not everyone is a fan of having a bird in the house as a pet, but for one lady in Argentina, her pet parrot may help put the men who murdered her behind bars. The woman’s parrot will be used as evidence in the trial against her alleged attackers. The police report from the case claimed the parrot...
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New Time Capsule Website Created To Honor The 40th Anniversary Of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

This week marked the 40th anniversary of the release of the second Star Wars film, ‘The Empire Strikes Back.’ While the franchise has expanded in the years since, with a new trilogy in recent years, the original trilogy still holds a special place in the hearts of all Star Wars fans.
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Dave Grohl Says He’s Been Listening To The New Fiona Apple Album To Get Him Through Quarantine

Dave Grohl’s music has helped many fans get through troubling times, but for Grohl it’s another musician’s work that he turns to when needing a pick me up. With people around the globe currently stuck at home, many have turned to music to help deal with the coronavirus.
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Study Shows Men’s Beards Protect Against A Punch To The Face

There are many reasons for a man to grow out their beard. Some do it for looks, others do it out of laziness, but apparently beards have another purpose for being on a man’s face. A recent study revealed that full beards may have evolved to help men absorb punches to the face.
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A ‘Friends’ Themed Cookbook Is Coming Featuring 90 Recipes Inspired By The Show

The ‘Friends’ reunion special may currently be on hold, due to the coronavirus, but the gang is making sure fans have plenty of show entertainment to hold them over until then. Not only are fans likely to watch old episodes up until the reunion finally airs on HBO Max, but now it has been announced...
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Damon Albarn Performs Alongside Gorillaz Cartoon Counterpart

The virtual band, The Gorillaz, can be very difficult to explain for those that aren’t already fans. The band was created by Damon Albarn, working with musical and visual collaborators, but the cartoon band lives in its own world, separate from the voices and music behind them.
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‘Rick & Morty’ Creator Wants To Release Episodes Monthly To Make It An Event

Fans of the cartoon series ‘Rick & Morty’ have been relieved to be getting some new episodes, while many are currently stuck at home. However, those hoping to binge new episodes in the future may have to wait some time to do so.
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The Killers’ Frontman Brandon Flowers Pays Tribute To Joy Division Frontman Ian Curtis

The Killers’ frontman, Brandon Flowers, took part in a charity event honoring the late lead singer of Joy Division, Ian Curtis. Moving Through The Silence, a charity event paying tribute to Curtis was livestreamed on Monday. During the event, Flowers discussed the impact the band, and Curtis, had...
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Dave Grohl Confirms He Plans To Eventually Write A Memoir

While most musicians have enough stories from their career to fill a book, Dave Grohl has compiled so many anecdotes from his two iconic runs in rock music that he could probably complete an entire book series. As Drummer of Nirvana, and frontman for the Foo Fighters, Grohl has a career many music...
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Executive Says Hilarious Innuendo While Announcing New Rules For Tennis Courts

Many businesses are beginning to reopen as quarantine rules begin to be lifted throughout the country, but for some that means implementing some new rules to keep customers safe. Sadly for a New York county executive, this meant explaining the new rules before reopening a local tennis court.
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