New Conspiracy Theory Online Claims The Mayans Actually Predicted The World Would End This Sunday

Back in 2012, a portion of the online community believed that the world was going to end, based on the Mayan calendar. While that didn’t happen, many have continued to look for explanations as to why the Mayans were wrong.
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Florida Man And Florida Woman Get Into Brawl Over Store’s One-Way Walking Signs In Aisle

With many on lockdown over the last few months, it seems the number of ridiculous news stories coming out of Florida has dropped significantly. However, with quarantines easing up, it appears many in the Sunshine State are back to their normal shenanigans.
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Hilarious Internet Safety Video Has Pornstars Telling Mother Her Son Is Watching Them Online

For as great as the internet is most of the time, it can become a terrifying place very quickly. That’s why the New Zealand government has started an ad campaign focused on protecting children from the harm of the internet. Their latest video targeted pornography, and while it may not prevent...
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Kit Kat To Release A Limited-Edition Apple Pie Flavor In July

For most candy enthusiasts, limited edition flavors are nice, but nothing beats the classics. However, Kit Kat has announced a new version of their iconic treat that has even the strictest candy traditionalists excited. Starting next month, Kit Kat will begin selling an apple pie flavored Kit Kat...
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Viral Prank Has Women Tricking Their Partners Into Ordering Embarrassing, Fake Starbucks Drink

There are certain products no man feels comfortable purchasing for their significant other. For some reason, purchasing something not normally used by men is enough to make any man feel overcome with embarrassment.
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Creator Of ‘The Sopranos,’ David Chase, Accidentally Revealed The True Fate Of Tony Soprano

Fans of ‘The Sopranos’ will often argue the show’s place in history as the greatest television series. However, even the biggest fans find it difficult to defend the controversial ending to the series. Luckily the show’s creator, David Chase, may have accidentally revealed some information recently...
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Creator Of ‘The Goldbergs,’ Adam F. Goldberg, Reveals He Has Been Working On A ‘Goonies’ Sequel

For years, fans have asked for a sequel to the beloved 80’s movie, ‘The Goonies.’ While plenty of rumors have swirled about potential projects, nothing has come to fruition, leaving ‘Goonies’ fans with only the original film to watch.
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Indiana Jones Voted The Greatest Movie Hero Of All Time By Recent Poll

Throughout the years, Hollywood has produced a number of heroic characters fans have become obsessed with. Whether they have super powers, or are just the person audiences can’t help but root for, movie heroes have become a huge part of pop culture.
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‘Tiger King’ Star Says Joe Exotic Will “Seek Revenge” if Ever Let Out Of Prison

Thanks to the popularity of the Netflix docuseries, ‘Tiger King,’ many fans want to see the show’s star, Joe Exotic, get out of prison. While many fans have signed petitions online to try and help free Exotic, one former colleague says that’s not a good idea.
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The Joker Could Return In Matt Reeves’ Upcoming ‘The Batman’ Trilogy

The first film in Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman trilogy isn’t due out until 2021, but rumors are already starting to swirl about what could be coming in the film’s future sequels. One rumor that has picked up steam lately is one that claims Robert Pattinson’s Batman could eventually be going up...
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