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shoe and roach

Man Accidentally Shot Himself After Throwing A Gun At A Cockroach

Police in Detroit responded to a call about a man shooting himself in the foot.
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Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson’s Hill Country Ranch Is Home To Over 70 Rescue Horses

The Texas legend recently gave an interview from his 'Luck Ranch', where he has over 70 rescue horses roaming freely.
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YOLO girl jumping on beach

The Top 20 Most Annoying Slang Words In America

What determines when it's time to retire a phrase? This practice has gone on for centuries, which is why people jokingly say "bee's knees" and cat's meow". I've personally told my friend Tammy the joke, "That's what she said" is no longer funny. She disagreed. So, our lingo is all a matter of...
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American Idol judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie

Katy Perry Cries Ugly When American Idol Contestant Gets Proposed To During Performance

Monday kicked off Hollywood week on American Idol, things turned sweet and ugly when a contestant’s boyfriend proposed after her performance and Katy Perry started sobbing.
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spin, spin class, gym, workout, outrageous, dance, choreography, no

Here's Something A Lot Of Us Wouldn't Be Caught Dead Doing

Oh fun, a spin class. A lot of people take those, right? A spin class with some sort of choreography? That doesn't sound too easy. Sounds fun though. A spin class with choreography that you know you'll fall off the bike doing? NOPE. This is some intense sort of training you couldn't pay me enough...
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Shirtless man

Naked Man Not Allowed To Board Plane In Moscow

Saw this headline and so many questions came to mind. Where was his ... um... luggage? How did he make it all the way to the gate? Where'd he stash his boarding pass? Russia is starting to give Florida a run for the money. Over the weekend, a man in his late thirties was detained at an airport in...
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News Reporter

Reporter Is Caught On Live TV Using Spit As Hair Gel

A reporter didn’t know the camera was live and was caught using his own spit as hair gel.
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Kids sledding in laundry basket

World's Best Dad Makes A Roller Coaster From A Laundry Basket For Daughter

Much like cats, kids can be entertained by simple things-- like sticks. This Father of the Year candidate got creative with a simple laundry basket. He positioned it over his legs, and his toddler rode inside. As a video of a roller coaster plays on the screen in front of them, Dad twists, turns,...
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Alicia Silverstone

Cast Of 'Clueless' Gets Together For A 25th Anniversary Reunion

The cast of the ‘90s classic reunited at a Comic Expo in Chicago over the weekend.
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border collie, dog, microphone, interview, smart, funny

Dog Gets Interviewed, Dog Eats Microphone

This video just got released on Saturday, and I've watched it no less than a hundred times since then. I have a Border Collie myself, so I can vouch for how funny they are. (Maybe not Bulldog funny, but funny, nontheless.) They're also one of the smartest breeds, so I'd like to think this dude did...
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