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Walk the Moon Will Be On The Tonight Show Tonight

Tonight on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon , indie pop foursome Walk the Moon will perform their latest song "Timebomb". They will be the musical act alongside guests Jake Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Carpenter. Catch them at 10:35pm CT on NBC. Tonight: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Carpenter ( @...
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Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Uses Shirtless Picture Of Jason Momoa to Sell Samoas

A Girl Scout up in Colorado got the idea to put a picture of Aquaman actor Jason Momoa on boxes of Samoa cookies.
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Lightsaber Dueling

Lightsaber Dueling Is Now An Official Sport

To help get more people off the couch and interested in sports, the French Fencing Federation has made lightsaber dueling an official sport.
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25-foot sculpture titled 'Embracing Peace"

Sailor In The V-J Day Photo Passes Way

Both people from the “V-J Day in Times Square” photo have now passed away.
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Cast of the Golden Girls

A "Golden Girls" Themed Cruise Will Set Sail In 2020

An entire cruise dedicated to the Golden Girls will set sail next year and you can start booking now.
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Power Cuts Out During Red Hot Chili Peppers Show, Flea Entertains The Crowd By Doing Handstands

During the group's first Show in Tasmania, the power went out in the middle of their song.
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border collie, westminster dog show, agility, verb, fast, dog, jumping, running

Verb (The Dog) Has The Best Reaction After Dog Show Run

Full disclosure, I have a Border Collie myself. I think these agility competitions are fascinating. I don't know many humans that could pull something like this off. And the speed of these little fur balls! My God, the speed. I'm convinced that there is nothing better than the love of a dog. Kids...
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Snow, Hawaii, Trees, Island, Maui, Snowstorm

It's A Winter Wonderland In... Maui??

This video is not only baffling, it's pretty funny. I love that the guy shooting it is acting just as excited as his kid is. Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources says that this is the first time EVER that snow has fallen in Hawaii State Park. They even got a gust of 191 mph on Mauna...
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Breadsticks & Marinara Sauce

Olive Garden Is Offering A Bouquet Of Breadsticks This Valentines Day

This year Olive Garden is changing up a traditional Valentines Day gift and turning it into something even better.
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bulldog, cute, running, agility, jumping, westminster, dog show, fast

Rudy The Bulldog Stuns At The Westminster Dog Show

YOU. GUYS. I have never seen a bulldog pull this off before. This is Rudy, at the 2019 Westminster Dog Show over the weekend. I don't know all the technical terms for what is going on in this video, but can I just say that a bulldog running that fast, for that long is mind-blowing? He did the in...
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