MedStar To Test Certain Patients Inside Their Homes

FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) - MedStar has partnered with Tarrant County Public Health to test certain people for coronavirus inside their homes.

"Our specially-trained paramedics are going to be able to go into those homes on behalf of Tarrant County Public Health as directed by Tarrant County Public Health, to be able to collect the samples that the health department needs from those patients, in order to be tested at the public health department's lab," says MedStar spokesman Matt Zavadsky.

Only certain people will qualify for at-home testing.

"This program is specifically for the patients that are referred to us by the Tarrant County Public Health Department, that they would like to have us go out and do that screening and that sample collection," says Zavadsky.

A major objective of this partnership is to prevent patients from venturing out into the public for testing.

"We don't want to have them exposed to other people," Zavadsky says. "We don't want to expose other people to patients who are potentially suffering from COVID-19."

Paramedics will be wearing plenty of personal protective equipment.

"They're going to be wearing the N-95 masks," Zavadsky says. "They're going to be wearing face shields. They're going to be wearing gloves (and) gowns."

MedStar is providing the service at no cost to Tarrant County Public Health.