A TV Commercial Starring A Pre-Famous Steve Carell From The 1980’s Has Gone Viral

Every actor needs to start somewhere, but sometimes seeing them in their pre fame stage of life can be a bit shocking. That’s what happened recently as a commercial from the 1980’s starring Steve Carell has gone viral.
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‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ Becomes First 80’s Music Video To Reach A Billion Views On YouTube

It’s not easy for a video to reach a million views on YouTube, but it can be done. However, reaching a billion views is nearly impossible. There aren’t many videos that have joined YouTube’s billion views club, but to accomplish that a video must be iconic.
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These Are The Items All The Cool Kids Had Growing Up In The 1980s

The 1980’s were a time of interesting style and memorable fads. As popular items form the era fade into extinction, the nostalgia remains alive and well. Throughout the decade, there were a number of items that every kid had to get their hands on.
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Eight Things From The '80s Parents Are Keeping Alive For Their Kids

Lori Ferraro is a writer and actor who grew up in the '80s and now, her kids have become OBSESSED with the decade! They like to flip through all her photo books and love the "over-the-top-ness" of all the pictures, "mainly the hair" according to her.
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