John Cena Says He Wants Nikki Bella Back

Any of us that have been through a break up know it can be a pretty emotional time to get through, especilly if that person meant a lot to us.
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Woman That Murdered Her Husband May Have Served Him At BBQ

Kelly M. Cochran, a woman in Indiana was just sentenced to 65 years in prison after she admitted to injecting her husband with a lethal dose of heroin, and then smothering him with a pillow. And apparently she is now under suspect for serving his remains at a neighbor's BBQ.
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Fort Worth ISD Begins Billboard Campaign To Recruit Oklahoma Teachers

Fort Worth ISD has begun to set up billboards in various cities throughout Oklahoma in order to try and bring teachers from our neighboring state to ours.
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Netflix,Season,5,New,May,29,2018,Arrested Development,Bluth,Trailer,Video,ALT 103.7

[WATCH] Netflix Drops Trailer 'Arrested Development' Season 5

You won't have to wait long at all. Season 5 is coming to Netflix on May 29th!
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Here's All The Great Deals For Teacher Appreciation Day

Here's where all you teachers and faculty members can score some free food during National Teacher Appreciation Week from May 7-11.
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Man Gets Tazed By Police While Trying To Have Sex With Car

Police in Kansas are reporting that a heavily drunk man who was attempting to have sex with a car tailpipe had to be eventually subdued by way of stun gun when he refused to stop. Newton police Lt. Scott Powell said the 24-year-old was sent to hospital emergency because his blood alcohol level was...
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Analog Clocks Are Being Replaced In Britain Because Kids Are Unable To Read Them

U.K. schools are begining to remove analog clocks from their testing rooms.
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cut outs

Get Ready For The New Trend In Jeans With 'Extreme Cut Out' Jeans

So by now most of us are already familiar with the "buttless jeans" and "thong jeans", and hoped that the crazy jean fashions were over. Well, one retailer just rolled out their new pair of high priced, questionable pants. And we're using the word quesionable lightly when talking about these new...
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Dog In China Drives Three Wheel Truck Into Cell Phone Store

We're all huge dog lovers around here, but honestly, they don't belong behind the wheel. They may be man's best friend, but they are definitely not the best drivers anywhere. A perfect example of why dogs should never be allowed to drive is the video below that comes from Taixing City, China. In...
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We May Be Facing The Most Expensive Driving Season Since 2014

This summer, people can expect to pay a little more at the pump. Oil prices are being set at the highest they've been in more than three years and are expected to get even higher.
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