Historians Name 536 AD As The Worst Year In History

While it has become pretty common to claim the current year as the worst based on negative news, halfway through 2020 many would argue this year is actually the lowest in history. However, many historians would disagree, claiming unanimously 536 AD to be the worst in human existence.
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2020 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest To Be Held At Private Location Without Fans

With many sporting events still on hold, there is one competition that refused to shut down this year. Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, the Coney Island Fourth of July tradition will go on this year, but with a few adjustments. The contest will be held in a private location and with no fans in...
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Mayan Calendar Does Not Suggest the World Will End This Week

The Mayan calendar does not predict that the world will end this week, contrary to a reported recalculation of the calendar that suggested just this.
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New Conspiracy Theory Online Claims The Mayans Actually Predicted The World Would End This Sunday

Back in 2012, a portion of the online community believed that the world was going to end, based on the Mayan calendar. While that didn’t happen, many have continued to look for explanations as to why the Mayans were wrong.
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Someone Just Discovered Why Triscuits Are Named Triscuits

For years, people have been walking around thinking the reason why Triscuit crackers have the name Triscuits is all because of the number 3.
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Nick Frost

Simon Pegg And Nick Frost Recreate 'The Plan' From 'Shaun Of The Dead'

Except this time they're not worried about zombies.
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Spanish Resident Tries To Sneak Out In T. Rex Costume Under Quarantine

Like Italy, most European countries are under a quarantine lock down thanks to coronavirus.
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Pizzeria In Wisconsin Sells Toilet Paper To Help Community

"If you can't be part of your community, then you're in business for the wrong reasons"
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Watch: 'American Idol' Contestant Has No Idea Who Judges Are

A contestant who appeared on "American Idol" this week is quickly going viral.
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Tito's Vodka Advises People Not To Use It As Hand Sanitizer

With hand sanitizer flying off the shelves everywhere right now, people have begun to wonder if there are other liquids that could be used just as well.
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