Adorable Photo Of A Three Year Old Boy And His Dog Standing In Timeout Together Goes Viral

Even at their worst, a dog will always stand by its owner’s side. That was proven recently when a photo of a three year old boy in timeout with his dog went viral. As the boy stood with his face against the wall, his dog went and stood by his side to keep him company.
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13 Year Old Boy Sells His Xbox And Buys His Mom A Car

It took me at least 7 tries before I could finish this story. I'm a single mom, of an almost 12 year old boy who LOVES his Xbox. There would have to be a catastrophic event to get this kid to ever sell his prized possesion. It's one of the ways he connects with his out of state friends and family,...
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[VIDEO] Baby's Reaction Receiving Doll Is Precious

This is just too adorable and too cute
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Excited 4-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Exclaims "I'm Walking!" After Taking First Steps

If you needed a good cry today look no further than this 4-year-old named Maya.
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Texarkana Police Receive Call About "Vicious Pit Bull," Arrive To Find Adorable And Happy Pup

Officer Travis Frost of the Texarkana Texas Police Department left the door of his SUV open in case he needed to make a quick getaway.
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Daughter and Mother Had the Same Early Valentine's Day Gift Idea and It's Hilariously Adorable

"Dad is going to kill us."
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