New Formula Reveals Your Dogs Actual Age In “Dog Years”

For years many dog owners have figured out their dog’s age in “dog years” by multiplying the years by seven. While many assume this is the best way to judge a dog’s aging, the seven year methodology is actually a myth.
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Metal band

Guitarist To Young To Play Inside Club Played Outside With Wireless System Instead

A metal band was booked to play at a venue in Portland, Oregon only one of their guitarist wasn’t allowed inside due to the fact he was under 21 years of age.
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107-Year-Old Reveals Secret to Living Longer: 'I Never Got Married'

If you want to live your best life, stay single! At least that’s what Louise Signore believes as she just celebrated her 107th birthday this week. Born in 1912, just three months after the Titanic sank, the Bronx, New York resident says never tying the knot was definitely a factor in maintaining...
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According To New Study If You're Over 40 You Shouldn't Work More Than 3 Days A Week

It's no secret that people wish they didn't have to work 5 or more days a week.
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trick or treat

Town In Virginia Will Arrest Anyone Over 12 Years Old Caught Trick Or Treating

This year a town in Virginia is getting pretty strict on those planning on trick or treating come All Hallow's Eve.
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Hooters, Restaurant, Interior, Brick Wall

Hooters Are Closing Because Millennials Don't Like Boobs

It's always Millennials' fault.
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25-Year-Old Pretended To Be 17 To Get Onto Dallas High School Basketball Team

The 25-year-old is also currently facing charges of indecency with a child.
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Adorable Foul Mouthed Grandpa Is Shocked To Find Out His Real Age...98-Years-Old!

It doesn't get much better than a cussin' grandpa.
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New Survey Reveals Age People Should Stop Wearing Jeans

A new survey has surfaced that asks a very odd question that we've never really considered thinking about. But is there a certain age people should stop wearing denim jeans? Well this study done by CollectPlus says yes and that age is 53! Which to us is kind of a random age to be honest. And...
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Scientists Say Adulthood Now Begins at Age 24

A new study shows young people are delaying work, marriage and families longer than they had in previous generations.
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