A New Study Claims To Have Found The Cure For Hangovers

There are a number of products, often sold at gas stations, that claim to prevent hangovers, but for most there is no way of preventing those next day ailments after a night of heavy drinking. However, a new study claims they may have discovered the hangover cure.
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Study Claims Smartphones Can Tell When Users Are Drunk

Smartphones have made life easier for people, but the one dream app that is still yet to be developed is one that prevents people from sending drunken texts. While the technology for that hasn’t been developed, smartphones may soon be able to tell users when they’ve had too much to drink.
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Coca-Cola to Enter Hard Seltzer Market With First Alcoholic U.S. Offering

The Coca-Cola Company is introducing Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, the soft drink giant’s first alcoholic offering in the U.S. made with its Topo Chico Mineral Water.
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Driver Offering Reward To Anyone Who Can Help Find Car Lost During Drunken Bender

Losing car keys, credit cards or ID’s are common items misplaced during a night out partying. Regardless of how much someone drinks, usually they can manage to keep track of items too big to fit into pockets. However, one driver clearly found that level of intoxication, and is now offering a reward...
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Experts Now Say Both Men And Women Should Limit Themselves To One Alcoholic Drink Per Day

For most alcohol drinkers, stopping after just one drink doesn’t seem very enjoyable. Not only is it not enough for most to get intoxicated, but it also doesn’t help keep the good times rolling throughout the night. However, according to the new U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, experts...
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Survey Shows Most Americans Start Drinking Before 5 P.M., Especially On Weekends

While many assume the appropriate time to start drinking alcohol is after 5 p.m., apparently most Americans have been taking the motto, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” way too seriously. A new survey revealed most Americans pour their first drink before 5 p.m., with some saying they start drinking...
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Several Airlines Ban Alcohol on Flights to Reduce Spread of COVID-19

In efforts to reduce the interaction between passengers and flight crew, several airlines around the world are implementing new, sobering rules for their flights.
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New Cancer Prevention Guidelines Recommend Cutting Out Alcohol Consumption Entirely

New cancer prevention guidelines are now urging people to skip the booze. The American Cancer Society said not consuming alcohol is best for cancer prevention and reduction.
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Distillery Recalls Gin Bottles That Were Accidentally Filled With Hand Sanitizer

Yes, bartender, can I have a hand sanitizer and tonic? A distillery reported that it had to recall a ton of its gin bottles because there wasn’t any gin inside. However, customers found hand sanitizer inside the drink.
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A Missouri Grocery Replaced Their Salad Bar With a Mini Liquor Bottle Bar

When a grocery store was forced to close its signature salad bar to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus, some of its employees got creative. The store replaced the salad bar with a mini liquor bottle bar.
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