Survey Shows Most Americans Start Drinking Before 5 P.M., Especially On Weekends

While many assume the appropriate time to start drinking alcohol is after 5 p.m., apparently most Americans have been taking the motto, “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” way too seriously. A new survey revealed most Americans pour their first drink before 5 p.m., with some saying they start drinking...
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Woman Holding Underwear, White Underwear, Close-Up, Laundry Room

Nearly Half Of Americans Admit To Wearing The Same Pair Of Underwear At Least Two Days In A Row

Conventional wisdom holds that you should change your underwear every day, or at least washed after every wear.
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Young Man, Medieval Peasant, Walking, Field, Grass

Modern Americans Work Longer Hours With Less Vacation Time Than Medieval Peasants

We all seem to be putting more hours than ever in the office.
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Man, Tablet, iPad, Couch, Relaxing, Jeans

Nearly Every American Uses Their Phone Or Tablet While Watching TV, Study Finds

Americans have become obsessed with their handheld devices.
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Pasta, Food, Noodles, Spaghetti,

American Exchange Students Cause Fire In Italy After Trying To Cook Pasta Without Water

Three 20-year-old Americans studying abroad in Italy reportedly only used half of the two ingredients required to boil pasta.
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Ties and Tattoos

Latest Office Fashon Trend: Ties Are Out, Tattoos Are In

While tattoos have long been taboo in corporate environments, it appears more and more these days offices are becoming more accepting of tattoos as fashion, rather than a distraction.
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New Study Shows Drunk Shopping Is Real And Is Costing The Country

While it might be possible that you have never heard of the term ''drunk shopping'', chances are, you know someone who is guilty of it themselves. After a study conducted by, it was discovered that last year Americans spent an average dollar amount of $448 per person in purchases while...
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