Man Driving Lawn Mower on Highway Arrested With DUI Charge

An allegedly intoxicated man was arrested with a DUI charge after police pulled him over for driving a lawn mower on the highway in central Florida.
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Woman Arrested After Going To Fake Hitman Website For Help Murdering Her Ex-Husband

There are many websites on the internet that make people scratch their heads, but for the most part every link is either some form of entertainment or something useful. Still, one woman in Michigan seemed to be a bit confused about the purpose of one website, and has now been arrested for her...
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Shoppers Arrested for Fighting Over Social Distancing Floor Arrows in Goodwill

Two shoppers were arrested on Wednesday after a physical dispute over one-way directional arrows set up to encourage social distancing in a Tampa-area Goodwill, according to court documents.
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Florida Man Tells Police The Gun And Bulletproof Vest In His Car Belonged To John Wick

Almost everyone has a go to excuse they say to the police when trying to get out of a ticket. For some it works every time, while others are yet to talk their way out of trouble. For one man in Florida, he may want to try and come up with a new line, as he was arrested after telling police a gun in...
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‘Mighty Ducks’ Actor Shaun Weiss Will Be Released From Jail To Enter Rehab

2020 got off to a rough start for ‘Mighty Ducks’ actor Shaun Weiss, but it seems things could be turning around for the former child star. According to reports, Weiss will be released from jail on Thursday, and will immediately enter a rehab program.
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Unlucky Fugitive Gets Arrested Picking Up Pizza Order At The Same Time As Sheriff

When it comes to pizza, there isn’t much that can go wrong, but for one criminal, his pizza cravings may have been what did him in. The Kentucky man had stopped at a pizzeria to pick up a pie, but unlucky for him, a police officer happened to be picking up pizza at the same time.
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Florida Men Arrested After Police Find Narcotics In Bag Labeled “Bag Full Of Drugs”

Most crimes are done discreetly, but when someone carries narcotics in a bag labeled “bag full of drugs,” they should probably expect to get caught. Police in Florida arrested two men over the weekend after discovering drugs in the unfortunately labeled bag.
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Grocery Store Parking Lot

Texas Woman Arrested After Twerking In A Grocery Store Parking Lot Without Pants

Police were called to stop a fight at an H-E-B parking lot in Austin, Texas; when police arrived they found a woman twerking on top of a car.
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Photo Credit: F. Sadou/AdMediaSipa USA (Martin Sheen); Paul Drinkwater/Handout Photo via Imagn Content Services, LLC (Joaquin Phoenix)

Joaquin Phoenix & Martin Sheen Arrested In Washington, DC

All the stars were out for the final DC "Fire Drill Friday" climate protest.
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Jared Padalecki Makes Fun Of His Recent Arrest With Mugshot Shirt

Sometimes the best way to get past an embarrassing situation is to embrace it. That’s what ‘Supernatural’ star Jared Padalecki did recently after he was arrested for Public Intoxication in October.
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