A “Psychic Artist” Is Selling Drawings Of Customers’ Soulmates For $30

Quite often people turn to psychics in search of answers about their lives. For some they are looking for clarity, others may be looking to hear from someone close to them that has passed away, and then there are those that just want to know what’s coming in the near future.
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Hand washing

This Website Turns Song Lyrics Into A Hand Washing Poster

A 17-year-old made a website that generates the 13-step hand washing routine poster and pairs it with song lyrics of your choosing.
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Artist creates 3D illusion on model's face with make-up

This Artist's Optical Illusions Will Blow Your Mind

If Dain Yoon is not on your radar yet, she should be. The 24-year-old-artist from South Korea has already amassed nearly 500K followers on Instagram because of her mind-bending make-up. She creates optical illusions that fool your eye into believing she's missing parts of her face, has multiple...
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Artist, Painting, Brush, Easel, Palette, Hand

Artist Paints Texas Fast Food Restaurants Into Romantic Landscapes

Michael Esparza opened an Etsy shop this past May, and he's cornered a market that we had no idea we needed until he started selling his paintings to the world.
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Tattoo, Artist, Gun, Black Gloves, Mushroom, Arm

Tattoo Artist’s Skin To Be Removed, Preserved, And Framed Upon Death

Chris Wenzel shared had the sentiment that you would never burn or bury a Picasso, so why do the same with other works of art? Notably, tattoos?
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Carving Wood

Guy Carves Arnold Schwarzenegger In Iconic Pose Out Of Wood

A man spent 6 months carving Arnold Schwarzenegger out of wood.
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The Bachelor

WATCH: "The Bachelor" Foley Artist Hard At Work

Comedy Central put out a great parody video of what the foley artist, the person who does the sound effects for a movie, would have to do for making sounds for 'The Bachelor'
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