Cremated Remains Can Now Be Pressed Into a Vinyl Record

Your cremated remains can now be pressed into a vinyl record thanks to a company called And Vinyly. The service starts at approximately $4,315. That includes 12 minutes of audio per side that can include final words and memories, licensed music, or simple popping and cracking to 'hear' the ashes...
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Vinyl Record

This Company Can Take Your Ashes And Press Them Onto A Working Record

This company has come up with a way to keep you rockin’ even long after your gone.
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Turns Out Disney Parks Are Full Of People's Ashes

It's not uncommon for people to spread the ashes of loved ones over places like the ocean or other beautiful places in nature.
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Texas Woman's Heartbreaking Photo Shows Man Eating Across from His Wife's Ashes

The photo was taken in Corpus Christi.
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