Atlanta Humane Society Brought Puppies To The Georgia Aquarium And The Internet Can’t Get Enough

The Internet is full of videos featuring puppies, and for good reason. Basically every video with a dog is adorable in its own way, but video of puppies interacting with other animal species is almost too much to handle.
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8 Year Old Girl And Her Friends Take Over Target For Birthday Party

When most think about eight year old girls’ birthday parties, Target is usually not the first location that comes to mind. However for one girl living in Atlanta, all she wanted to do for her birthday was spend the day at her favorite store.
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[Video] Drivers Stop After Armored Truck Spills $175,000 On Interstate

Everyone hopes for the day all their problems are solved by money miraculously falling form the sky. Well, drivers in Atlanta Tuesday night were treated to a rarity, after an armored truck’s door flew open, spilling cash all over the highway.
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The Super Bowl Is Not Enough To Convince Chick-Fil-A To Open Up Its Stadium Location On Sunday

There is nothing worse than getting a craving for Chick-fil-A, only to realize your sudden need for a chicken sandwich and waffle fries came on a Sunday. The fast food chain closing on Sundays has been a deterrent for chicken lovers for years, and it is no different at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in...
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Atlanta Airport Offering Free, Nonstop Flights To The Kingdom Of Wakanda

"Black Panther" is absolutely destroying the box office and smashing records left and right, so it's only normal its hype begins to extend its reach into the mainstream.
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