Couple’s Cat Returned After Jumping Into A Moving Van And Traveling Over 700 Miles Across Australia

House cats have a tendency to stay away from the action. However for one cat owner in Australia, she quickly learned her cat was in desperate need of an adventure. The woman’s cat has gone viral after sneaking into a neighbor’s moving van, and going on a trip across the Australian outback.
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Irwin Family

Steve Irwin’s Daughter Bindi Irwin Is Now Married!

BindiIrwin was able to get married before Australia placed Covid-19restrictions.
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Australian Woman Stunned After Finding Massive Burmese Python On Her Front Porch

Australia may be home to a number of exotic animals, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less shocking when one happens to appear on someone’s property. A woman in Australia is still in shock after leaving her home only to find a massive Burmese python on her front porch.
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Zookeeper Goes Viral For Surprise Dance Moves During Giraffe Live Stream

With a number of zoos currently shut down to the public, many have begun sharing live streams of their enclosures to keep animal lovers up to date. However, for one zoo in Australia, viewers of their live streams got a little more than just animals roaming recently.
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Coronavirus Fear Leads Family To Accidentally Buy 12 Years’ Worth Of Toilet Paper

As products are quickly bought up by customers in preparation for a coronavirus outbreak, one item that has rapidly left shelves is toilet paper. Many stores are unexpectedly running out of the bathroom necessity, as many fear what could happen if they run out of toilet paper.
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Australia Held A Traveling Music Festival Called “Highway To Hell” In Honor Of AC/DC

Over the weekend, a highway in Australia was closed to traffic to celebrate the iconic rock group, AC/DC. The six mile stretch of highway was shut down, as AC/DC fans lined the streets for “Highway To Hell,” an event honoring the late Bon Scott.
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Australian Woman Dies After Eating Too Much Cake

An Australian woman has died after eating too much cake during a lamington eating contest celebrating Australia Day. The woman thought she had a seizure around 2 PM on Sunday, during the eating competition.
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Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman & Russell Crowe Booked Airline Seats Next To Each Other By Accident

While trying to get back to Australia for the Holidays actor Russell Crowe ending up being seat buddies with friend and actress Nicole Kidman.
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McDonalds Goes Viral For Genius “One-Handed Meal” Hack

Eating on the go can be a difficult task. Luckily McDonalds Australia is here to make things a little simpler. The fast food chain shared a photo on Instagram of a genius new “one-handed meal” hack. The trick involves balancing a McDonalds burger box on top of a cup.
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Parents Spark Backlash For Giving Baby 'Ridiculous' Blended Last Name

An Australian couple is gaining a lot of attention after making a decision that involves their baby! Both Courtney Cassar and Laura Sheldon decided to give their daughter a last name that is a mashup of both of their last names. Instead of hyphenating both last names, Cassar and Sheldon wanted to...
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