Dallas Skyline

Family Uses The Lights From The Bank Of America Plaza For A Gender Reveal Party

A family hosted a gender reveal party using the lights on the Bank of America Plaza building in downtown Dallas.
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Disney Dropped A Sneak Peak Trailer For Aladdin During The Grammys!

Last night, during the Grammys, Will Smith unveiled a sneak peak trailer for the LIVE action version of Aladdin.
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Galveston Beach

There's Clear Blue Water In Galveston!

Stop whatever you're doing and look...we have blue water in Galveston.
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Gender Reveal Enlists The Help Of An Alligator

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Odds are if you use an alligator in your gender reveal, you may never find out the sex of your baby. Why? Well, you know because alligators like the taste of human flesh.
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