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Photo Of Dog Keeping 3-Year-Old Boy Company During Time-Out Is Priceless

Dash the dog didn't want Peyton to serve time alone.
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Gender Reveal Party

Texas Couple Throws A Whataburger Themed Gender Reveal Party

A couple from Texas announced the gender of their child in the most Texan way possible.
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Snow White, Disneyland, Shanghai, 2016

Disney World Snow White Helps Calm Boy With Autism Waiting In Line

Lauren Bergner knew it could be a rough day at Disney World with her six-year-old son.
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Ice Cold Lemonade Stand

Police Called On 11-Year-Old With Ice Cold Beer Sign, Turns Out He Was Selling Root Beer

An 11-year-old boy in Utah was spotted with an Ice Cold Beer for sale sign; police were called out to the scene only to find the boy was not selling alcohol but IBC Root Beer.
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Coyote, Walking, Street, Road, Canada

Six-Year-Old Bitten By Coyote Upset He Didn’t Turn Into A Werewolf

A six-year-old boy in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada was attacked by a coyote at a festival at one of the city’s local parks.
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boy, car, single mom, adorable, amazing, xbox

13 Year Old Boy Sells His Xbox And Buys His Mom A Car

It took me at least 7 tries before I could finish this story. I'm a single mom, of an almost 12 year old boy who LOVES his Xbox. There would have to be a catastrophic event to get this kid to ever sell his prized possesion. It's one of the ways he connects with his out of state friends and family,...
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potholes, michigan, 12 year old, boy, michigan potholes

A 12 Year Old Boy Wins Son Of The Year For Helping Out His Mom And Community

A 12 year old boy in Michigan decided to take it upon himself to fill the potholes on his street. He stated "I didn't want people messing up their cars like my mom and grandma did." So he digs dirt out of his own yard, puts it in a trashcan, rolls it down the street, and repairs potholes by himself...
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Momma and Baby Giraffe

April The Giraffe Gave Birth To A Baby Boy

April the giraffe gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday morning.
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Crane Game

Toddler Gets Stuck In An Arcade Game After Crawling Inside

A toddler in Alabama was tired of losing to the crane game at a pizza restaurant and decided to do something about.
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John Stamos Took His Baby Boy To Meet Santa!!!

This year marks the first Christmas for John Stamos as a father. His son Billy is only eight months old, but already making the holidays great! Like most parents, John took his son to meet Santa Claus!
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