Engineer Goes Viral After Proposing To Fellow Engineer Girlfriend On Bridge Lifted To Maximum Height

When most people to their significant other, they want them to feel on top of the world. That’s why when a civil engineer was thinking about proposing to his fellow engineer girlfriend, he knew he’d have to find a way to get her as close to the top as possible.
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Man Peeing Off Bridge Injures Four Traveling On Boat Below

A man in Berlin, Germany decided to relieve himself off of a nearby bridge.
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The World’s Top Bridge Player Has Been Suspended For Doping

You wouldn’t think that the world of competitive card games would require doping to achieve the highest level of competition.
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Dallas Teen Seriously Injured After Falling Off Margaret McDermott Bridge Trying To Take A Selfie

18-year-old Triston Bailey doesn't remember much from the fall, he just knows he should consider himself lucky.
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Pavement On Bridge In Grapevine Crumbles From Heat

Lets be honest, it's been pretty hot lately, and summer hasn't even officially started.
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Woman Reunited With Wedding Dress 32 Years After Dry Cleaner Mix-Up

Ame Bartlebaugh always wanted to wear her mother's dress when she walked down the aisle. Her mother first wore the dress in 1985, as did her aunt.
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And Now We Have Lime Bikes In The Trinity River

Dear Lord when will the carnage end???
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