[VIDEO] Local California Police Race To Save Animals From Wildfires

It's been pretty dry and hot in California and the wildfires aren't helping either. In Vacaville, California, local police race against time to save the animals who are in shelter, because a wildfire is nearby. Luckily, they did save 60 cats and dogs from the SPCA in Vacaville and all animals have...
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Barry Manilow, Concert, Smiling

Convenience Store Blasts Barry Manilow After Hours To Discourage People From Loitering

Rite-Aid is a convenience store akin to CVS and Walgreens located mostly along the coasts of the United States.
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Man Gets Angry At Another Passenger For Eating A Burrito On The Train

This week a video of a man getting angry and calling the police on another passenger while riding the Bay Area Transit in California has been quickly going viral.
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Vince Vaughn

Actor Vince Vaughn Has Been Arrested For DUI

Actor Vince Vaughn was arrested Sunday morning for DUI
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Police Chase, Highway, Sirens, Car

News Anchors Confused After Watching Wrong Car During Police Chase (Video)

After nearly three hours, three southern California counties, and two different cars, police were finally able to nab two suspects in a wild police chase, and we're just thankful the authorities weren't as confused in the chase as a pair of broadcasters were covering it.
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Robber Stops Mid-Burglary To Bust Out Some Dance Moves

CCTVs at a business in Fresno, CA. that was burglarized, caught something quite odd. While the establishment was being robbed, the theif decided to stop and take a dance break to celebrate his success.
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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux May Not Have Actually Been Married

Less than two years ago, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux stood in front of God, family, and friends to profess their love and commitment to one another. A scenario that we would all call a wedding. However, it would appear that there is no evidence that the two were actually married.
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California Woman Claims To Spot Bigfoot While Hiking, Sues State To Prove Its Existence

Last March, Claudia Ackley was hiking with her two daughters in the San Bernadino mountains when they noticed a mysterious figure lurking amongst the woods.
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Missing New York Skier Has No Idea How He Ended Up In California Six Days Later

Constantinos "Danny" Filippidis was on an annual ski trip with friends and colleagues at Whiteface Mountain in New York when he went missing.
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Girl Scout Sells 300 Boxes Of Cookies After Setting Up Outside Of Marijuana Dispensary

In the heated, cutthroat world of Girl Scout Cookie sales, the dominating factor of a good year or a bad year seems to be your location.
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