Dairy Queen Unveils New Blizzard-Scented Candle Collection

Back by popular demand, Dairy Queen’s collection of Blizzard-scented candles will make their return starting September 3rd. There six total and retail for $25.
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Dairy Queen Unveils New Blizzard Inspired Candle Collection

Once fall begins, people often turn to candles to make sure they are constantly surrounded by the scent of the season. Last year, Dairy Queen surprised fans when they released a collection of fall scented candles inspired by their Blizzard flavors. Now, the popular candles are back, this time with...
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Man’s Attempt At A Romantic Marriage Proposal Ends With Apartment Fire

Thanks to social media, the pressure to deliver an original marriage proposal is higher than ever before. Those proposing to their significant other have major planning to do, as a simple question asked on one knee is no longer enough for most. Sadly for one man, his attempt at an extravagant and...
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Car Catches On Fire After Candle Burning Inside Vehicle Tipped Over And Ignited Papers

Candles are great for living and working spaces, creating an enjoyable aroma, and cancelling out bad odors. However, due to safety most usually make sure candles are burning on flat surfaces and are not left unattended. Still, one man recently decided to burn a candle inside his car, and the end...
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Qdoba Is Selling a Queso-Scented Candle For the Holidays

The cheesiest holiday gift of the year has arrived. Qdoba has released a queso-scented candle that is guaranteed to get the cheese lover on your Christmas list salivating. Your dreams are now reality... The limited edition #QuesoCandle is coming to on Tuesday at 1PM ET! pic...
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How to Snag Discounted Candles During Bath and Body Works' Annual 'Candle Day'

Bath and Body Works is bringing back their annual ‘Candle Day’ sale just in time for the holidays. You can choose from classic scents or from over 30 new holiday fragrances. Find out how and when to get your candles!
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You Can Now Buy A Candle That Smells Exactly Like Dr. Pepper

In Texas, Dr. Pepper is more than just a beloved drink; it’s a way of life. The drink that combines 23 flavors to create a delicious beverage has spread throughout the country, but holds a special place in the heart of every Texan.
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Woman Mistakes Stick Of Dynamite For Candle Stick

When we first found out about this story, it sounded like something straight out of Looney Toons.
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Soccer Ball

Move Over Dude Perfect, This Kid Can Blow Out His Birthday Candle With A Soccer Ball

We'll be the first to admit it...we love Dude Perfect. However, they've got nothing on this kid.
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