Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy Tips: Where to Buy The Best Treats For The Best Price

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the most important aspect of the holiday; candy! Everyone wants to be the most popular house on the block for trick or treaters.
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Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar

Hershey & Reese’s Have Combined Forces To Give Us A Hybrid Candy Bar

Everyone’s favorite peanut butter candy has just been combined with everyone’s favorite chocolate bar.
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Skittles, Candy, Pile

Just In Time For Halloween, Zombie Skittles!

Halloween is getting closer and closer, and to celebrate the upcoming holiday, Skittles has decided to introduce some new flavors.
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trick or treat

Town In Virginia Will Arrest Anyone Over 12 Years Old Caught Trick Or Treating

This year a town in Virginia is getting pretty strict on those planning on trick or treating come All Hallow's Eve.
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Halloween, Decorations, Yard, Skeletons

Neighbors Calls 911 On House's Horrifying Halloween Decorations

September is winding down, October is coming up next which means one thing, and one thing only. It's almost Halloween!
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M&M's, Chocolate, Candy

M&M's Introduces Three New Flavors, Including Toffee, Cocunut, And Jalapeño

Three brand new flavors of M&M's will be hitting the shelves soon, and they took a sharp left turn with the third.
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CVS Pharmacy

CVS Reciept Is As Long As A Truck Bed After Buying 2 Rolls Of Lifesavers

What is it about the CVS receipt? Why are they always so long? It doesn't matter what you buy, that story uses an entire tree every time you make a purchase. Even though it's filled with coupons and store offers, your receipt should never be as long as a vehicle!
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Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Reese's Sends A Plethora Of Peanut Butter Cups To Customer Who Got One Without Peanut Butter

Bravo Reese's! You win the award for best customer service!
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Firebox,Online,Shopping,Lollipop,Life-sized,Face,Custom,Funny,Gift,Candy,ALT 103.7

Did You Know You Can Buy A Life-Sized Lollipop Of Your Face?

Thanks to the power of the internet you can now order a super detailed giant lollipop in your likeness.
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Fort Worth Brewery to Release a Peeps Candy Beer

A beer with Peeps will be available just in time for Easter!
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