Is This the Oldest Living Cat in the World?

( WBBM NEWSRADIO ) -- A Spring Grove man's cat just may be the oldest living cat in the world. Or a close second. People learned about him from a post on Reddit showing the orange cat's picture with the words: “This is Tiger. He just turned 31.” The post was made by Robert Goldstein’s step-daughter...
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Epcot Center

Disney World’s Epcot Center Under Rabies Alert Due To Feral Cats

A cat at the park recently bit two employees; luckily that cat did not have the virus.
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Grumpy Cat, Pose, Black Background, Cat, Kitty, 2014

Internet Legend Grumpy Cat Dies At The Age Of 7

One of the internet's most beloved animals passed away earlier this week.
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[Video] This Cat Sliding A Knife Under The Bathroom Door Means Business

Cats may come off as cute and cuddly, but secretly they have a dark side, and aren’t afraid to fight dirty. A new video has gone viral showing a cat sliding a knife under the bathroom door, and many are wondering what message this cat is trying to send.
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[Video] Cat Standing Outside Residence Expertly Uses Door Knocker

The internet has proven time and time again, all people really care about are videos of animals doing funny things. In a video that went viral over the weekend, a cat can be seen properly using a door knocker at someone’s residence.
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cat, meow, viral, couple, singing, songs, vacation

This Cat Has Perfect Timing During Sing Along

I had a hilarious blog written before this one about how I don't like cats, but I would hug this one because it's such a good hype man. I called him an "adorable sneeze machine," etc. But then my computer died and I lost everything. So if you guys could just imagine a witty paragraph, that would be...
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Beach, Water, Shore, Wave

For 35 Years, Garfield Phones Have Been Washing Up A French Beach, And Nobody Knows Why

Since the 1980s, phones made out in the likeness of the cartoon cat Garfield have been mysteriously washing up onto the beaches of the Iroise coast of Brittany in France.
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Iron Throne

Iron Throne Pet Beds Inspired By Game Of Thrones Are Here!

Your pet already rules the house and controls your life. Get them a bed that lets them know they’re a real Queen/ King.
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Cat, Meowing, Kitty, Eyes Closed

Guy Who Auto Tuned His Cat Meowing Is The Only Video You Need To See Today

According to Joaquin Baldwin, his cat just “won’t shut up in the morning.”
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This Cat Really Doesn't Want Her Human To Go To Work

Pets are the best! Especially when they love you too much to let you go to work.
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