Want To Live In A 'Paradise' Greek Island? All You Have To Do Is Care For 55 Cats

Attention cat lovers, if you're looking for a job to live in a Greek island paradise and caring for 55 cats, then this job is for you. God's Little People Cat Rescue is looking for a person to take care of 55 cats on a Greek island, while the owner is away. The ad says it needs someone with "a...
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Polish,Academic,Interview,TV,Politics,Cat,Funny,Video,Serious,Jerzy Targalski

[VIDEO] Academic Gives Straight Faced Interview As Cat Crawls All Over His Head

Jerzy Targalski didn't miss a beat, even when his cat interrupted.
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Maine Coon

Internet Can’t Figure Out Why This Cat Looks Human

A breeder posted a video on social media of their cat, and the internet is freaking out.
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Cat Is So Excited About The World Cup, Learns To Scream "Gooooooaaaaal"

We hate to say it, but most Americans aren't soccer fans. Sad. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is completely invested in the World Cup, including this cat!
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Fort Worth Animal Shelter Lowers Adoption Fee To $10 For June

If you're looking for a new best friend, the Fort Worth animal shelter has just the deal for you. The Fort Worth Animal Shelter is lowering its adoption fee from $49 to $10 for the rest of the month. "We have been quite full and at capacity on and off these last few months," says Diane Covey with...
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Cats In Hats

Cats Wearing Cowboy Hats Is Trending Online

Move over Dr. Suess, there's a new cat in the hat in town.
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Cat, Face, Feline, Whiskers

Terrified Cat Clings Onto Van Going 60 MPH On The Highway (Video)

Ronda Rankin was riding with her family in Omaha, Nebraska last Friday night when her daughter noticed something strange about a vehicle next to them on the highway. From the backseat, her daughter said, "That's a cat."
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A Snake & A Cat Interrupt The San Antonio Missions Baseball Game

It was an unsual home stand for the San Antonio Missions.
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Sad Dog

Research Shows Losing a Pet Can Be as Difficult as Losing a Person

According to a Harris poll, 90 percent of pet owners say they see their pet as part of the family, and another survey found that about 30 percent of pet owners felt grief and sadness for six months or more after the death of their pet.
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Just A Cat Trying To Take A Nap Inside A Claw Machine

Fact. Cats will sleep anywhere they can fit. Normally, you'll find them in a small space, like a box. But this might be a first for us...we've found a cat, asleep, inside an arcade claw machine.
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