Hundreds of Americans Reportedly Planted the Mystery Seeds From China

Despite warnings from the USDA and state authorities, hundreds if not thousands of Americans planted the mystery seeds that arrived from China in July. Some of them even admitted to eating them. Read the full story now.
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Dog Gets Revenge After Owner Is Injured By Cat Falling From The Sky

Embarrassing moments are bad enough when only a few people see them, but with almost everyone having access to a camera and the internet, those embarrassing moments are only one click away from lasting a lifetime. While those moments may haunt the people involved, sometimes it’s worth the sacrifice...
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Man Plants Mystery Seeds from China and Says They’re ‘Growing Like Crazy’

An Arkansas man went ahead and planted the packs of unidentified seeds from China being sent to people around the United States and has now seen massive growth in the mystery plant
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Investigation Launched Into Mysterious Seed Packages That People Are Getting in the Mail

If you get something in the mail from China that you didn’t order, don’t open it and don’t throw it away. That’s the warning coming from the USDA and agriculture officials after reports of unsolicited packages of foreign seeds in mailboxes. Read on.
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The World’s Largest Swing Opens In China And It Looks Terrifying

For most thrill seekers, roller coasters and amusement park rides are nothing to be scared of. However, a new swing ride that debuted in China this week has even the bravest thinking twice. The “king of all swings” is the tallest swing ever at 30 stories high, and it sits on the edge of a 2,300ft...
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US Orders China to Close Houston Consulate Office

China says the U.S. has ordered it to close its consulate in Houston in what it called a provocation that violates international law. A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson says the U.S. has already demanded that the consulate cease all operations.
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China Passes Law That Requires A Month Long “Cooling Off” Period Before Divorce

Just as many predicted, apparently quarantine has led to a high number of couples now seeking divorces. This has become an issue in China, as lawmakers passed a law this week requiring a month long “cooling off” period before a couple can get divorced.
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A Man In China Is Building A Zoo Where Animals Roam Free And Human’s Watch From Cages

As awesome as going to the zoo is for any animal lover, the one down side is seeing animals in cages instead of roaming free. Luckily, that may be soon coming to an end, as an architect in China is designing a zoo where humans are the one in cages.
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Steve Wozniak Seems To Believe Him And His Wife Were “Patient Zero” For Coronavirus In United States

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, many have begun to take precautions to prevent catching the virus. One person people may want to avoid is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The tech icon recently claimed to believe he and his wife may have been “patient zero” for the Coronavirus in the United...
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Students On Playground Perform Massive Jump Rope Act That Has Stunned The Internet

Just about everyone has attempted to jump rope at least once, but not many have done it this way. Students in China have gone viral for their massive group jump roping act. In the video, dozens of students begin swinging the ropes, in unison, while one brave student attempts to hope over all at...
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