People Are Putting Up “Halloween Trees” In Their Homes As Part Of Halloween Decoration

Everyone has a favorite holiday, but for most people their top choice is a toss-up between Halloween and Christmas. Where one is full of costumes and debauchery, the other is wholesome and includes gifts. The one thing the two holidays have in common is the festivities take over homes, including...
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Guinness Is Using Their Kegs Of Leftover Beer To Fertilize Christmas Trees

As plenty of businesses have been affected by quarantine, many have begun to look for ways to unload their overstocked supply of product. For the Guinness brewery in Ireland, that meant coming up with a way to use up all their leftover kegs from bars closing around the world.
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California Man Ordered A Waffle Maker On Amazon, Only To Receive One With Old Waffle Inside

There may be no better feeling than when an Amazon package gets delivered on time with no issues. Sadly for one California man, he didn’t get that experience after receiving a waffle maker for Christmas only for it to be delivered with an old crusty waffle inside.
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Pizzeria Gives Employees All Christmas Day Profits

Each employee made HUNDREDS of dollars in just a few hours.
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Peloton Husband Gives Real Life Girlfriend Peloton Bike For Christmas

Ever since the infamous Peloton bike ad aired, Sean Hunter aka the Peloton husband, has been having somewhat of a difficult time in his personal life.
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Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Trolled Her Dad With Marvel Superhero’s Wrapping Paper

Martin Scorsese made multiple about how Marvel movies aren’t very good, now his daughter is getting back at him in the funniest way possible.
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Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey Channels Frank Underwood In New Christmas Video

Kevin Spacey made another strange video channeling Frank Underwood from ‘House of Cards’.
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Police Using 'Naughty' Or 'Nice' Speed Signs For Christmas catches the attention!
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Police Dog Goes Viral After Getting Caught Stealing Children’s Toys

During the holiday season, police departments all over the country help prevent gift theft, but for police in Massachusetts, they had to deal with an inside job. Franklin Police Department officers had noticed some toys missing from their upcoming charity toy drive.
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Woman Comes Up With Genius Kitchen Hack For Making Baby Yoda Cookies

It may not have come until the end of the year, but Baby Yoda may be the story of 2019. The hit character from ‘The Mandalorian’ has taken over the internet, and while Baby Yoda toys won’t hit stores until 2020, there are plenty of ways to still show love for the adorable character.
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