These Are The Five Dirtiest Things In Your Office

I'll admit it, I'm a germaphobe. I use my foot to flush the toilet even in my own house. So these lists about the dirtiest places always make me cringe. The Houston Chronicle posted the top five nastiest places in your workplace. Top 5 Dirtiest Things in Your Office 5. Kitchen sponge 4. Air 3...
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The Top 10 Most Annoying Things Co-Workers Do At Work

A survey by payroll company Paychex reveals these behaviors as The Top 10 Most Annoying Things Co-Workers Do At Work.
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Woman Fired After Trying To Serve Laxative Brownies To Her Co-Workers

Police say a Michigan woman has lost her job after she put laxatives in brownies intended for a send-off for a departing co-worker.
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[VIDEO] Co-Workers Sings And Recites 'Happy Birthday' For Their Deaf Co-Worker

This group of co-workers took their time to learn how to sing the whole Happy Birthday song for a co-worker who is deaf.
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