Meet Hulk, The Viral Puppy That Was Born Lime Green

When a North Carolina family recently was getting ready for their dog to give birth, they didn’t realize they were in for such a colorful surprise. Still, they were happy to find out nothing was wrong when one of the eight puppies came out like green.
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Jessica Simpson, Red Carpet, Beautycon Festival, 2018

Jessica Simpson Criticized For Dyeing Her 7-Year-Old Daughter's Hair

Inspired by the Disney movie "Descendants 3," Jessica Simpson let her daughter dye her hair purple
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Tennis Balls

Yellow Or Green? There's Controversy Over The Color Of Tennis Balls

Here we go again. Much like the blue and black or white and gold dress, we have yet another color controversy. However, this one was a little more under the radar.
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Library Trolls Its Patrons With A "Red Book Cover" Section

We've all been there...a friend recommends a book, you don't write down the title, then remember nothing about the book, but try to ask a librarian or book store employee where you find said book.
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