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Parents Filed A Complaint After ‘IT Chapter Two’ Posters Scared Their Children

Parents in Australia are calling for ‘IT Chapter 2’ roadside billboards to be taken down because they scare their children.
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Taco Bell, Sign, California, Hotel, 2005

Police Issue Statement Asking Public Not To Call With Complaints About Taco Bell

Although the police are there to indeed protect and serve, there are some problems that they just don't need to be made aware of.
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drums, oklahoma, ocpd, complaint

Watch This Police Officer Respond To A Noise Complaint, Then Join In On The Noise

Just up the road up there in the great state of Oklahoma the police are jammin' on the side of the road. Last week the OCPD responded to a noise complaint, but shocked us all when the officer god behind the drums and started rocking the freak out! Officer Ross used to play drums back in the day,...
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