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This Wind-Up Elephant Is The Best Dog Halloween Costume Ever

There is no contest. We've found the greatest Halloween costume of 2018.
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When Your Kids Are Too Young To Pick A Halloween Costume...You Go With An "IT" Theme

Halloween is supposed to be scary. Not that there isn't room for cuteness, but scary costumes are way more fun. So if you're a parent with a young child, they have no opinion, you go all the way scary, right???
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Ruby Rose

First Official Photo Of Ruby Rose As Batwoman Revealed

In August it was announced that Ruby Rose would portray Batwoman in an upcoming TV series on the CW.
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Dog Running Around In A Spider Costume Will Terrify Your Neighbors This Halloween

Besides your own costume, the second most important Halloween costume is your dog's costume.
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You’ll Never Lose Your Kids This Halloween With The Slinky Dog Costume

Parents took their toddlers to Disneyland for an early Halloween and had the best costume idea.
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Best Dog Halloween Costume Ever!!!

Ok, this is important. Have you found your dog's Halloween costume yet?
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Texas A&M University-Kingsville Professor Dresses Like A Cockroach During A City Council Meeting

Well, that's certainly a look that will get people's attention.
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Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Visits Inova Children's Hospital In Her Wonder Woman Costume

Gal Gadot has been busy this summer filming the sequel to Wonder Woman. However, she wasn't too busy to make a pitt stop at Inova Children's Hospital in Virginia to visit the patients while wearing her Wonder Woman costume complete with tiara and boots!
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VIDEO: Easter Bunny Accidentally Terrifies Elementary School Students

An Easter Bunny showed up to surprise an elementary school class, and it did not go well...
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Police Called After T-Rex Spotted Walking Kid To School

Police were dispatched to a Philadelphia neighbor after a concerned neighbor noticed what looked like a Tyrannosaurus Rex walking on the sidewalk.
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