CVS Is Now Selling Stryx, A Line Of Makeup Geared Towards Men

For most men, shopping for female products can be a bit embarrassing, especially if they are buying it for themselves. However, one cosmetic brand is hoping more men face their fears and try something they never have before; makeup.
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Target, Walmart and CVS Among Retailers Scaling Back Business Amid Ongoing Protests

Retailers across the U.S. have announced they are closing some stores in cities affected by street protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. These are companies that have announced temporary closures amid ongoing demonstrations.
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Kim Kardashian Spotted Shopping At CVS With David Letterman

Celebrity sightings are always exciting, but for shoppers at a CVS in California, they saw two celebrities together no one was expecting. Kim Kardashian and David Letterman were spotted leaving a CVS together on Thursday, with a shopping cart full of shopping bags.
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CVS Pharmacy

CVS Reciept Is As Long As A Truck Bed After Buying 2 Rolls Of Lifesavers

What is it about the CVS receipt? Why are they always so long? It doesn't matter what you buy, that story uses an entire tree every time you make a purchase. Even though it's filled with coupons and store offers, your receipt should never be as long as a vehicle!
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