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Lion Cub At The Dallas Zoo Was Used To Help Make ‘The Lion King’

‘The Lion King’ has officially hit theaters, and as the world falls in love with Simba all over again, they should know his movements and mannerisms are all thanks to a lion at the Dallas Zoo.
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Giraffe, Fisheye, Nose, National Park, Kilimanjaro Mountain

Dallas Zoo Giraffe Named After Jason Witten Dies During Medical Procedure

A giraffe at the Dallas Zoo named after Cowboys legend Jason Witten tragically passed away Monday morning.
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African Painted Dogs Return to Dallas Zoo After Half Century

This endangered species will take your breath away.
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Hippo and her calf

The Dallas Zoo Welcomes Newborn Hippopotamus

Veterinarians at the Dallas Zoo have been preparing for the birth since January.
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Chimp At The Dallas Zoo Gives Window Washer A High Five

[VIDEO] A chimpanzee at the Dallas was giving one the window washers high fives while they were cleaning.
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Baby Gorilla & Momma

The Dallas Zoo Welcomes Another Baby Gorilla In Less Than A Year

The Dallas Zoo’s new baby gorilla will make its public debut very soon.
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Dallas Zoo Shares Precious Footage Of New Baby Gorilla Snuggling With Her Momma

We can't get enough of baby Saambili!!! Especially since she's since in the cuddly newborn phase.
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baby gorilla

Dallas Zoo Has Named Their First Baby Gorilla In 20 Years!

It's been 20 years since the Dallas Zoo had a baby gorilla, and now they have officially announced the name.
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Dallas Zoo Welcomes Their First Baby Gorilla In 20 Years

We have a new baby to love at the Dallas Zoo!
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Dallas Zoo's 2-Year-Old Elephant Adorably Tries To Scare Away A Duck In His Pond

The animal kingdom is filled with all kinds of adorable creatures. However, it doesn't get much cuter than the Dallas Zoo's 2-year-old elephant Ajabu.
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