Study Claims Women Find Men Less “Dateable” When Photographed Holding A Cat

When it comes to looking good on dating apps, men are always looking for ways to get a step up on the competition. Some try to show off their appearance, while others are forced to show their sense of humor. One area people always feel gives them an advantage is including their pets in photos, but...
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Husband Sets Up 'Date Nights' Outside Hospital Window For Pregnant Wife on Bed Rest

A Chicago couple has enjoyed weekly date nights at a distance for the past six weeks as their family grows, proving their love has no bounds amid the pandemic. Read the heartwarming story now.
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Including Coronavirus Antibody Test In Profile Is Latest Dating Trend

Like many social events, the dating scene has been impacted by the coronavirus. With many stuck at home, virtual dates has become the norm, as businesses remain closed. However, as businesses begin to reopen, many are now adding something to their dating to profiles to help improve their chances;...
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Company Selling Fake Muscles to Help People Look Good on Virtual Dates

American sporting goods company Sportarly understands that you probably want to look your best on virtual dates, which is difficult because gyms are still closed. The company has begun selling ‘fake muscle suits’ for people dating in quarantine.
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Man Posts Flyers Seeking Germ-Free Girlfriend During Coronavirus Outbreak

A 30-year-old New York man, Brad, is taking an extra step towards improving his love life in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. See the flyers he posted.
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Man Will Pay Someone $25,000 to Find Him a Girlfriend

Ahead of the romantic holiday, one man in Kansas is setting out to find his soulmate, and he’s offering anyone who will set him up with the love of his life a prize of $25,000. Find out how you can play matchmaker now.
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Man Offering $25k To Anyone Who Can Help Him Find A Girlfriend

Dating in 2020 can be pretty difficult, even with all the dating apps and avenues to find another person. However, even with all these opportunities, one man has decided he’s had enough, creating a website to help find himself a girlfriend.
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Man In Kansas City Offering $25K To Anyone That Finds Him A Girlfriend

How far would you go to find love?
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Billionaire's Search for a Moon Trip Girlfriend Gets 27,722 Applicants

Some people might break the ice with a first date dinner. But what about traveling to the moon? That's what Yusaku Maezawa is looking to do with one lucky lady. The Japanese billionaire and entrepreneur, who recently made waves when he vowed to give 1,000 Twitter users $9 million , is offering a...
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A Japanese Billionaire Is Starting A Reality Show To Find A Girlfriend To Travel To Space With

Elton John said it best; “it’s lonely out in space.” That’s a realization Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is starting to come to, as he plans to travel to space in 2023. That’s why the attention-grabbing entrepreneur is now starting a reality dating show, to find a girlfriend to travel to space...
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