Video Shows Deliveryman Allegedly Spitting on Homeowner’s Front Door

A Ring surveillance camera captured the moment a food deliveryman spit on a Queens homeowner’s front door. The incident which occurred last month shows the delivery man as he appears to smile before leaving.
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Police Called As Crowd Flocks To KFC Reopening, But Location Was Only Open For Delivery

As quarantine orders begin to get lifted, many are looking forward to venturing out to their favorite restaurants and public gathering spaces. As businesses begin to open, some fear large rushes of people may lead to issues. That’s what happened when a KFC recently reopened, leading to cops being...
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List: Restaurants Open For Delivery Or Take-out

Consider supporting the restaurant industry in and around Dallas-Fort Worth if you can. Here's a helpful list of what establishments are open for take-out, delivery or both.
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Taco Bell To Only Allow “Drive-Thru And Delivery Only” Due To Coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus, many restaurants have begun taking precaution and implementing new rules to prevent the spread of the virus. Many popular chains have stepped up their efforts as well, including Taco Bell.
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A  Golden Retriever

FedEx Driver Found Lost Dog, Returns Her Home In Special Delivery

A FedEx driver went the extra mile to reunite a dog with her owners.
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Walmart Is Bringing Driverless Grocery Delivery To Texas In 2020

Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever before to get the things you need without leaving your home. Now, Walmart wants to keep this trend going by adding groceries to their list of online services.
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5-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 To Order Pizza And Police Actually Deliver

A 5-year-old boy in Florida called police on Friday for a pizza emergency. The boy called to report he was hungry and wanted pizza. While the police did teach the boy a lesson in proper emergency call etiquette, they also decided to bring him a pizza.
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Man Arrested After Stealing $370,000 From Amazon By Sending Return Packages Full Of Dirt

James Gilbert Kwarteng, of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, nearly got away with stealing from the largest internet retailer in the world.
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Husband Has Amazon Package Shaped Cake Made For Home-Delivery Loving Wife

Everyone enjoys the feeling they get when a package arrives at their door. Thanks to Amazon, this feeling has become an obsession, especially for one woman in North Carolina. That’s why, for her birthday, her husband decided to get her a cake designed after her favorite thing; an amazon package.
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Jimmy John's, Restaurant, Exterior, Cloudy, 2019

Video Captures Jimmy John's Driver Licking Customer's Drink While Making Delivery

A family just outside of Chicago decided to order out for lunch, and settled on some delicious sandwiches from Jimmy John's.
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