New Survey Reveals The Average Household Fights Over Dishes 217 Times A Year

There are many reasons people living together get into fights. Regardless of their relationship status, conflicting living habits can lead to arguments between just about anyone. While most would think their fights are over serious matters, a new survey has revealed that the average household gets...
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Nine-Month-Old Helps His Grandmother By “Doing Dishes” In Hilarious Viral Video

For some parents, it’s never too early to have their kid start working. For one mother, apparently nine months old is the perfect age to have a child start helping around the house. In a recent viral video, a mom shows her young child stationed at the sink, hilariously helping to wash dishes.
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These Are The Most Hated Thanksgiving Dishes According To Survey

Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved holidays solely because of the ginormous delicious meal that is had to celebrate. While many look forward to turkey, mashed potatoes and pie every year, there are a number of items that most can do without.
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