Busch Beer Debuts New Beer For Dogs On National Dog Day

Dog lovers want to be able to share everything with their canine companion. While not everything for humans is safe for dogs, people often sneak people food to their pet, while trying to bring their dog wherever they go as well. One things plenty of people love, but could never share with their...
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Dog Gets Revenge After Owner Is Injured By Cat Falling From The Sky

Embarrassing moments are bad enough when only a few people see them, but with almost everyone having access to a camera and the internet, those embarrassing moments are only one click away from lasting a lifetime. While those moments may haunt the people involved, sometimes it’s worth the sacrifice...
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Texas Woman Quit Her Job To Pretend To Be A Dog Online For Money

There are many odd jobs out there that some may see as unnecessary, yet people still find a way to make money doing it. For one Texas woman her strange new career ended up being lucrative enough to quit her job as an optician. She now pretends to be a dog online, and manages to make six figures...
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New Research Shows Dog Years Don’t Actually Equal Seven Human Years

People with dogs want to know everything about their pet, but some things aren’t that simple. Figuring out a dogs age has always been as easy as multiplying the dog’s age in actual years by seven, but now; new research has shown that a dog’s aging process may be way more complicated.
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Dog With bunny ears

Two-Legged Dog Named Lieutenant Dan Wins Cadbury Bunny Competition

The competition to find the next Cadbury Bunny was stiff, but it looks like a two-legged dog name Lieutenant Dan came out on top.
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Golden retiever puppy yawning

Rae, The “Unicorn” Puppy

A golden retriever puppy has been branded a "unicorn" due to an unusual facial feature. She has one ear, positioned on the top of her head.
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Dog with bunny ears

Two-Legged Dog Named ‘Lieutenant Dan’ Is A Finalist For The Cadbury Bunny Tryouts

Cadbury has narrowed down 10 finalists to be their next Cadbury Bunny.
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A  Golden Retriever

FedEx Driver Found Lost Dog, Returns Her Home In Special Delivery

A FedEx driver went the extra mile to reunite a dog with her owners.
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Adorable Photo Of A Three Year Old Boy And His Dog Standing In Timeout Together Goes Viral

Even at their worst, a dog will always stand by its owner’s side. That was proven recently when a photo of a three year old boy in timeout with his dog went viral. As the boy stood with his face against the wall, his dog went and stood by his side to keep him company.
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Photo Of Dog Keeping 3-Year-Old Boy Company During Time-Out Is Priceless

Dash the dog didn't want Peyton to serve time alone.
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