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Man Uses Drone Armed With Fireworks To Break Up Loud Street Party

A man in Brazil was getting a little tried of the loud party his neighbors were throwing.
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37 Days Of Christmas: Officer Morisak Wishes For A Drone From Fortress UAV

Officer Morisak serves our community as a local police officer. The department has asked each policeman to buy their own drone so they can practice operating them before launching a new program. They cost about $1500. Officer Morisak's 37 Days of Christmas wish was for a drone. When Dion Raymond...
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IBM Files Patent For Coffee Drones, Which Can Predict When You Need A Cup!

A lot of us need that cup of Joe to get our morning going. Plenty of us need several cups, and IBM is trying to make it easier for us to get out coffee. In fact, it's trying to make the coffee come to us.
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Check Out This Awesome Drone Footage Of The New Dickies Arena In Fort Worth

How about a drone's eye view of Fort Worth's new Dickies Arena?
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Lifeguard Captures Photo Of A Paddle Boarder Next To A Shark

A lifeguard took insane photos with a drone of how close one beachgoer was to a great white shark.
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Wanna Toilet Paper A House? There's A Drone For That!

The ancient art of toilet papering a house just got a little easier.
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Uber Unveils First "Flying Taxi" Prototype

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi gave CBS an inside look into their newest transportation innovation.
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Man Uses Drone To Rescue Puppy Stuck In Drain (Video)

A man living in Lucknow in India was out for his morning walk when he heard something whimpering
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