What Gyms Will Look Look Like in a Coronavirus World

Gyms are working out how to operate amid the coronavirus pandemic. Face masks, gloves and appointments are just a few of the ways some are modifying their policies.
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New Study Finds Four Seconds Of Exercise Is All That’s Needed After A Full Day Of Sitting

With people around the country stuck at home, and gyms closed due to the coronavirus, many are looking for ways to stay healthy. However, working from home has led some to extreme laziness, and finding the motivation to exercise has become harder than ever. Luckily, a new study found that long...
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Should You Wear a Face Mask to Exercise Outdoors?

With new laws requiring face masks in enclosed spaces and when social distancing isn’t possible, many Americans want to know if they should wear face masks to exercise outdoors. Find out from the experts.
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American Heart Association Launches Program To Help Kick Cabin Fever

The American Heart Association hopes to alleviate some of the stress of cabin fever by launching a 10-day virtual program filled with various activities for the whole family. Read more now!
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Exercising Outdoors? Study Finds Air Pollution Is Linked to Coronavirus

Since the coronavirus pandemic has closed down gyms, many Americans have taken to the great outdoors to get their exercise, but is it safe? One study found that air pollution is linked to coronavirus. Read more now.
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Women Who Exercise May Live Longer, Study Says

A new study has found that women who exercise vigorously appear to live longer, reported “ Today .” Women who exercise appear to live longer, study finds https://t.co/AESQruSvpn — TODAY (@TODAYshow) December 9, 2019 More specifically, physically active women had less of a chance of dying from heart...
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people Jogging With Their Dog

High School Cross Country Team Takes Shelter Dogs Out For A Run

A woman with the dog shelter saw the kids running their rout one day and came up with a great idea to get their dogs some exercise.
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New Study Says Having A Dog Could Boost Owner’s Heart Health

There is no better companion than a dog, but apparently they can be beneficial to health as well. In a new study done by the Mayo Clinic, they found that when one’s mood is boosted from a dog, their heart health is boosted as well.
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Sam Neill, Venice Film Festival, 2017

Actor Sam Neill Enjoys Morning Yoga With His Pet Pig

First dinosaurs, now pigs.
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Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragons, Concert, Singing, Shirtless, Madison Square Garden, 2018

How Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds Got Absolutely Ripped

The Imagine Dragons are huge, as is singer Dan Reynolds.
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