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Former Flagship McDonald's in Times Square Permanently Closes

A four-story McDonald’s in Times Square designed to look like a Broadway theater has closed its doors for good. The outpost on 42nd Street, near Seventh Avenue, shuttered on Tuesday, the fast food chain confirmed.
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McDonald’s to Bring Back Some Items That Were Cut During the Pandemic

McDonald’s has seen its fair share of changes lately because of the global coronavirus outbreak. The famous fast food chain cut items due to COVID-19, but only a few are returning.
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KFC Has Removed Potato Wedges From Their Menu And Fans Are Not Happy

When a fast food restaurant takes a fan favorite off the menu, they can usually expect some blow back, especially on the internet. However, when an item is removed without warning or explanation, fast food chains should expect much worse. KFC has reportedly removed potato wedges form their menu,...
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KFC Joins Chicken Sandwich Wars by Testing a New Menu Item

KFC is officially joining the chicken sandwich wars with a new take on their typical offerings. The famous fried chicken chain has begun testing the new sandwich in Orlando, Florida.
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Wendy's to Give Out Free Chicken Nuggets at Every Location on April 24

What’s better than chicken nuggets? Free ones! Wendy’s will be giving out free chicken nuggets at every location throughout the United States on April 24.
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Whataburger Closes All Dining Rooms, Drive-Thru Will Remain Open

Whataburger will close all of their dining rooms, but will continue to serve costumers through their drive-thru windows.
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Taco Bell to Debut a 9-Inch Chalupa Called the 'Triplelupa'

Taco Bell’s latest offering is being described as a ‘hands-on experience.’ The ‘triplelupa’ is a chalupa featuring 3 mini chalupas combined. Read on to see the description and find out when it’ll become available.
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Raising Cane’s Voted As The 'Best Chicken Tenders' Among Fast Food Restaurants

When it comes to Chicken Tenders Raising Cane’s has the best in the business according to a new ranking from the Thrillist.
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Taco Bell Has Officially Joined The Fast Food Chicken Wars With New Menu Item

The internet is full of debate, but one question has stumped both sides of the argument for years; is a taco a sandwich? Taco Bell may have officially given us the answer, as the fast food chain has decided to hop into the fast food chicken wars.
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Former McDonald’s Employee Claims To Have Given Out Free Chicken Nuggets For Years

Everyone loves a good surprise, especially when it involves something free. Even if it’s something as simple as getting 11 chicken nuggets when you ordered 10, people get excited.
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