Couple’s Argument Goes Viral After Man Built Taco Bell Themed Office In Their Home

When it comes to home décor, couples don’t always see eye to eye on how a house’s interior should look. For many men, that means having their style relegated to one room in the house. In the case of one couple, they decided to take their home style argument to the internet to help them decide what...
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Parking Dispute Leads To Man Building Scaffolding Around Neighbor’s Car

Potential homeowners are always in search of their dream home, but even when the perfect house is found; those living next door may make the experience a nightmare. Neighbors fight over a number of things, but for a neighborhood in the UK, a parking dispute has officially reached new heights.
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New Survey Reveals The Average Household Fights Over Dishes 217 Times A Year

There are many reasons people living together get into fights. Regardless of their relationship status, conflicting living habits can lead to arguments between just about anyone. While most would think their fights are over serious matters, a new survey has revealed that the average household gets...
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Florida Man And Florida Woman Get Into Brawl Over Store’s One-Way Walking Signs In Aisle

With many on lockdown over the last few months, it seems the number of ridiculous news stories coming out of Florida has dropped significantly. However, with quarantines easing up, it appears many in the Sunshine State are back to their normal shenanigans.
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Woman Attacks Ex Boyfriend and Pooped on His Doorstep After He Poured Wine Into Wrong Type of Glass

Relationships can be tough, but when things escalate to the point of legal issues, it’s probably best each go their separate ways. That seems to be the case for one couple, after a woman defecated on her ex boyfriend’s doorstep during a fight. According to reports, the fight started after the man...
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Rod Stewart Charged With Simple Battery After New Year’s Eve Fight

Rod Stewart had an eventful New Year’s Eve, but probably not for the reason he was expecting. The iconic singer got into an altercation with a security guard at an event, and ended up getting charged with simple battery after punching the security guard.
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Sad Dallas Cowboys Fan

Cowboys Fans Get Into Fight With Bears Fans Following Thursday Night's Game

After the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Chicago Bears, a video was posted of fans getting into a fight.
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Sinead O'Conner

Sinead O’Connor Claims That Prince Tried To Beat Her Up

In a recent interview, Sinead O’Connor claimed that Prince tried to beat her up one night because of all the swearing she would do during interviews.
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Bobcat Fights A Rattlesnake In The Middle Of The Road In South Texas

Someone in South Texas was driving and stumbled upon a battle scene between a bobcat and a rattlesnake.
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Right Pinky Finger

Dallas Man Is Arrested After Biting Off Another Mans Finger At The DART Station

Two men got into an argument at the DART Station on Forest Lane in Dallas; their fight ended with one man missing part of his pinky finger.
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