First Responders Find Adorable Puppy in Ashes of Area Destroyed by California Wildfire

A hopeful, furry face greeted first responders who were searching the wreckage left in the wake of California wildfires. The rescuers found an adorable puppy and brought him to safety. Read the feel-good story now.
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Man Trying to Set Stranger's Car on Fire for Revenge Accidentally Sets Himself on Fire

Charlotte police are currently looking for a suspected arsonist who accidentally lit himself on fire while trying to torch a stranger’s car in an act of revenge.
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Evicted Woman Starts Fire That Spreads to All 25 Units in Apartment Complex

The Louisiana Fire Marshal’s office says a New Orleans woman evicted from her apartment in Central City set the complex on fire Monday. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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The Cause of Fire at Rachael Ray’s Home Has Been Revealed

Officials have revealed what caused the fire that ravaged the upstate New York home of celebrity chef Rachael Ray earlier this month. The blaze tore through her Lake Luzerne residence on August 9th.
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Video of Firefighter Crying as Flames Rip Through National Preserve Goes Viral

Video of a California firefighter was captured as he momentarily broke down watching the flames rip through the Mojave National Preserve. Check out the heartbreaking story on RADIO.COM.
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Man’s Attempt At A Romantic Marriage Proposal Ends With Apartment Fire

Thanks to social media, the pressure to deliver an original marriage proposal is higher than ever before. Those proposing to their significant other have major planning to do, as a simple question asked on one knee is no longer enough for most. Sadly for one man, his attempt at an extravagant and...
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Car Catches On Fire After Candle Burning Inside Vehicle Tipped Over And Ignited Papers

Candles are great for living and working spaces, creating an enjoyable aroma, and cancelling out bad odors. However, due to safety most usually make sure candles are burning on flat surfaces and are not left unattended. Still, one man recently decided to burn a candle inside his car, and the end...
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Britney Spears Admits She Accidentally Burned Down Gym Inside Her Home

Britney Spears has been doing her part, keeping her fans entertained during quarantine with plenty of social media content. However, in her latest video, she opened up about an embarrassing moment that almost destroyed her home. According to Spears, she recently accidentally burned down her home...
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Parrot Saves Family By Shouting “Fire” After Kitchen Goes Up In Flames

A family in Tennessee was saved from catastrophe after their beloved pet parrot alerted them to a fire in their home. According to reports, the family was sleeping when a fire broke out in their kitchen.
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Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

Member Of KISS Cover Band Catches On Fire, Keeps Playing As If Nothing Happened

During a concert in Sioux City, Iowa a member of a KISS cover band caught fire. Video shows that he was unfazed and kept playing.
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