Couple Finds Loaded Gun While Fishing Off Bridge

A Massachusetts couple reeled in a loaded firearm covered in mud as they threw a magnet behind the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Jamaica Plain.
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Fishing Crew Reels in Interesting 'Catch of the Day' While Rescuing Kitten From Open Ocean

A fishing crew in Alabama was shocked to see their “catch of the day” when they reeled it into their boat. The fisherman soon realized it was a tiny cat.
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Man Catches WWI Era Grenade While Fishing

Anyone who has gone fishing has experienced reeling in the line only to find something other than a fish on the hook. While usually this leads to disappointment, for one fisherman in Michigan it led to a once in a lifetime find.
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Fishing In the city

Video Shows Man Catching A Fish Outside Whataburger During Tropical Depression Imelda

While outside a Whataburger in Houston, a man caught a fish in the street during Tropical Depression Imelda.
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Couple Fishing

Woman Is Shocked After Reeling In Fish With Two Mouths

A husband and wife were fishing on Lake Champlain in New York when they reeled in a very large and odd-looking fish.
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Hammerhead shark

Hammerhead Shark Snatches Tarpon From Captains Hands

Captain from Florida shares authentic footage of a hammerhead shark attacking a large tarpon being reeled into his boat.
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Woman Sent To Hospital After Taking Photo With Octopus On Her Face

Taking pictures with animals sounds like a great idea, but they don’t always end as planned. A woman in Washington recently learned that lesson the hard way when she tried to take a prize-winning photo with an octopus.
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Man Catches Massive Fish With His Bare Hands

Fishing and Father’s Day go hand in hand. There is no better prize than hauling in a massive fish. That is, of course, unless your caught that fish bare-handed. An Oklahoma man got the ultimate prize this weekend when he reached into the water and caught an 85 pound catfish.
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deion sanders, randy moss, texas, fishing, dallas, dallas cowboys

Deion Sanders And Randy Moss Went Fishing Together In Texas And The Internet Loved It

Cmon with it OG RT @SInow : Deion Sanders and Randy Moss going fishing is a MOOD -- (via @DeionSanders ) — Paul George (@Yg_Trece) May 29, 2019 That’s a Crappie for you baby! #Truth ⁦ @RandyMoss ⁩ #CountryPrime #CantonTexas — Deion Sanders (@...
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Human Bone

Man Finds Human Femur Bone While Out Fishing In North Texas

While fishing in the Brazos River, a man discovered a human bone floating next to him.
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